Jinjiang Good Di Machinery Co., Ltd.

I gave the Chinese company Jinjiang Good Di Machinery Co., Ltd.(晋江佳迪机械有限公司) 9350¥ on 19th May 2016 ; they told me 21 boxes goods will send at Yunnan Ruili. I wait 10 days, then I asked him , now goods are where? he told just only 5 days will get at Yunnan Ruili.

After three month I told my Ruili friend about this company. My Ruili friend call again at the same number. He said again my Ruili friend same way that goods are on the way.

VNSky.com Gavin Chang

I got scammed by VNSKY just the same as everyone on here, very well run scam and website etc. Good communication stopped as soon as they had the funds. They sent proforma invoice and the website looked good, but unfortunately I did not find this supplier blacklist before getting scammed.