Shandong Brothers Supplier Blacklist

Shandong Brothers

Are you dealing with the company Shandong Brothers located in Shandong China who sells Mining Equipment? If so, be aware of scams and read thoroughly below one of the buyer’s experiences with this company when buying mining equipment in Shandong…

Hakka Lights Company

Hakkalights – Manager Bill Chen – supplied to us maybe 10 shipments of LED bulbs and down-lights. Each shipment came with other defects, wrong light colors, wrong printing etc. Since I know Bill Chen personally and treated him as a friend, even hosted him in my home, I had no idea that one day he would cheat me so much.

Guangzhou XY Printing Co., Ltd

When I paid for the sample charges, they did make the samples almost as my requested and sent it to me, but the paper on the sample it’s not the final paper, they promised me to use the good quality wood free paper in mass production. I paid them the balance, and received the books, but it surprised me much, as they used worse paper quality for printing, and the text printing quality is very bad.