Huashi Technology Co., Limited

I purchased from this Chinese company before and i purchased (7) NVR security systems and the only complaint I had with them was slow deliveries (over 30 days) now its been (60) days and i have emailed them head manager and Ms. Tina (overseas) manager and no respond from not even on Skype. I asked have them not sent my products and no-response. The last email I got from Ms. Tina They was on holiday and they was waiting on housing for the cameras, that was March 22, 2016

Yongkang Shenfa Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd aka Happy Cooking Co.,Ltd

We´d like to report the problems that we are facing with a Chinese company named Yongkang Shenfa Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd aka Happy Cooking Co.,Ltd. After we imported 14,720 fry pans (2 containers of 40 feet) in September, we received more than a hundred complaints from our customers who bought the fry pans and had serious problems. The pans were burned inside and out and released the nonstick into the food.