Guangzhou Lingyin Construction Materials

It is not so often I feel the need to blacklist suppliers, but I have just had the most terrible experience. It is not so often I feel the need to blacklist suppliers, but I have just had the most terrible experience. I have been running my own registered company in China for 14 years, supplying various building products worldwide. I recently came across a small kitchen supply company called Guangzhou Lingyin, based near Fancun, Guangzhou. The wardrobes were over 30cm too big, and the design had been changed from what we ordered. The workmanship of this wardrobe is terrible, and probably the worst I have ever seen.


I ordered some architectural stainless steel parts for balustrade from Sonlam. When I visited their factory in Foshan, it made thinking that these guys have a large and well organized factory.They have very good quality products in their showroom that creates imagination that this company is a top tier supplier and you would never have any problems with them…

E-Net China Information Technology Co., Limited

We needed (and still need) 100 pieces obsolete but unused Wavecom Q64 modems. We rejected all offers where suppliers offered used parts. Mr. Eric Sen Lin from E-NET CHINA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED offered new and unused modules, so we placed an order. Before I placed an order I had made a search on Google to find out if there is anything is suspicious with this company. All seemed OK, they looked to be a decent Chinese company …after 4 months of communication we have no money back and no products!

Must Power Limited

At a point Tina, from Must Power Limited, admitted they have received similar complaints from other resellers about the failures of the control board in one of the products which usually resulted in this particular product not accepting mains/utility power for battery charging or bypass operation. She indicated she will arrange for replacement boards to be shipped to us but failed to do so.

New Shiya Technology Co YAOYAO Tang, Zhu Xiaosan Macao

All contact with New Shiya Technology Co YAOYAO Tang was very good and feeling confidence that there was nothing wrong. I do a lot of business with China manufacturers and never had an bad experience before. After having contact for about an month I decided to place an small order to test the products first. After payment I got a track and trace very fast… but it wasn’t working and it will never…