Taizhou Jintai Kitchenware & Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

We made an order from this Chinese Supplier 台州市锦泰厨卫有限公司 (Taizhou Jintai Kitchenware & Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd). They to delay the production time and made very bad quality of goods. We tried to talk with the Boss (Luo Xianqing), tried to come to an agreement about refund the money, but he does not want to solve this problem and he shouted over the phone.

Blong Electronic Co., Ltd.

I made my first order from this seller and unfortunately my experience was very bad ! My order was 150 pieces of smartwatch dz09 , but I received only 117 pieces of another smartwatch , which was a warehouse inventories . My experience with this Chinese supplier has been very bad , and do not advise anyone to purchase them with Blong Electronic Co. , Ltd. Besides, my payment was made 30/05/2016 and the merchandise was received in late June.

Yiwu Qingge Household Goods Factory

In April 2016, 2 x 40 ft HQ containers of goods were supplied by this Chinese supplier. I personally checked the quality of some of the goods but due to the awful warehouse were the goods were stored I was unable to check all goods or check exact quantities. I was unable to be present during loading. When the goods were unloaded in destination there were some errors such as goods being shipped in the wrong container so going to the wrong customer, goods missing, etc. In total the mistakes cost me 5469, 88 USD, that I had to compensate my customer.