Heilongjiang International Economic Trade Exhibit Co., Forhune International Co., Ltd, Mudanjiang Tiptop Electric Co. Ltd

I have problems with this Chinese supplier over the past ten years. The products shipped have never been consistent. I ordered some machinery with them and they promised all new machinery. This is a custom machine that had to be built. When the equipment arrived it was not new but built from some used parts!

Quanzhou Lingqi Bags Co.,Ltd

The Chinese supplier was not willing to do anything for us to take care of us. He blamed us, wanting too high of quality, when all along he was promising the highest quality and we were paying a higher price for him to be able to deliver this higher quality. This supplier makes duffle bags for us, he promised the production would be exactly like the samples, but they were not even close. Stitching was horrible, crooked and pulling apart the day we got them. Missing grommets and zippers on 50% of the bags.