Qinghai Manyi Trade Co., Ltd.

I was looking for a Chinese supplier of scrap copper and aluminium and found this suppliers and started to negotiate. After they sent me photos and proforma invoice, I went to China, Tianjin to visit their warehouse and check the goods. I paid 40% advance.

Thereafter I made the full payment, after that they sent me the original Bill of Landing. A few days later, I called the shipping line to check the cargo, and it turns out that they have another BL with a different description on it!

Jiangmen Dianyi Display System Manufactory

The supplier in question is an “outdoor signs” producer; with signs I mean the stuff we usually hang outside the shops, lighted and branded with the logo of the shop.
In march we started to distribute about 450 signs and after 3 months, on the first distributed ones the orange color of the sign started fading. The writing, printed in 2 colors: orange and blue, after 3 months the blue color was perfect, but the orange color was completely faded, no more visible.