Mohotec Corporation Taiwan

On Feb 2, 2016 I’ve paid to Mohotec (Taiwan) USD 16,510 for laptop screens . I’ve also agreed with a Mohotec manager to pay cash for delivery in order to make it faster. From Mar 26 until Apr 8, 2016 they did not answer any e-mail we sent to them. We tried to talk to them over the phone, but there was only some message from the answering machine in Chinese…

Nishant Tiwari

BAD QUALITY BABY CARRIER. ­ Our baby-carrier from Nishant Tiwari broke and we ended up in the hospital. On the third day after receiving our Nahson baby-carrier one the seams broke and our little man fell on the ground.
Scam Alert in China

Worst of the worst: Supplier’s de-listed from

First off, I am not saying that Alibaba itself it is scam. Imagine how hard it would be for them to monitor a database the size of Alibaba to keep out the scams and rip offs. So my point in writing this blog post is simply to warm buyers not to rely solely on the directory to enforce the professionalism of the suppliers found on the given directory. It is up to us, the buyers, to do our own due diligence before we send money and issue purchase orders.