Yiwu Yisen Bags

Yiwu Yisen Bags

Are you planning to purchase Cosmetic Bags from Yiwu Yisen Bags company in Zhejiang China? If so, be careful of Contract Violations. If you are possibly doing business with this company you may consider to do some further research first…

Michael Kors Store 2012

I paid a total of 77.99 USD (67.99+10 for shipping). I was extremely disappointed with the quality of bag. I felt cheated since you can get a similar bag in India for 15-20 USD. The website talks about Easy Return Policy with no other hidden charges. When I approached them, it was a different story. They promised to refund 20 USD saying I can save return shipping fee, restocking fee (15%-20%) and bank handling fee (5%-10%). According to them, shipping costs 40 USD. What is the actual cost of the bag then?


Ordered a bag, pays WU with promise of free gift. Bag arrived a month later / not 7 days as promised/ and it was wrong, no gift. After complaint made and long discussions address for return was supplied. I have returned the wrong bag and paid for the shipping myself. They have on purpose given me wrong address, so they have an excuse not to refund or replace the wrong item.