Eternal Team

I ordered from this company a tablet a while back. When I got the tablet it was working fine then suddenly stopped working. I contacted the supplier stating that it was under a 1 year warranty by the manufacture so if I could claim a warranty claim to them…

Electronic 1998

I bought phone from! On the website company was based in HK. Seller were in Zhejiang, China! His name was Jack Chen! I bought 1 phone and made payment thru western union. Recipient name was Bing Han, Chen. After money paid, he never replied email anymore!

Putian Wanshan Trading

I thought I had a good deal from a company called ‘Putain Wanshan Trading’ in Fujian. Being a gold member and Trustpass member with gave me confidence in this company. But both titles don’t mean a thing. Don’t be conned. I had always insisted on original Nokia, and was offer N95 for $330.00.