PDM Industry Limited

After paying a private cyber crimes investigator, he found the link that the factory employee Kelly Yuan committed the crime. The factory owner of PDM Industry Limited, Jack Zhao, isn’t taking any responsibility of his staffs actions, and is denying any involvement. He has been extremely un-operative. This matter has been filed with the authority in China with all the evidence.

China Xuerui Corporation (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd

China Xuerui (www.china-xr.com) is a Metal distributing company based in Shanghai/China. After we submitted the money to them there was an awkward silence for many days. As we have sold the material under Letter of Credit conditions ourselves, we needed to monitor the delivery time closely. After an endless amount of pushing and calling, we received an email from Kelvin that he had quit the company and that his colleague Arthur took charge. Without further ado Arthur introduced himself with the words: “Kelvin will quit, I take charge. Price rised a lot. We need update price. pleaze send the specification again, thank you!”