I recently ordered a pair of Zoot brand shoes from a company based in Shanghai, for which I was issued a receipt for AUD175.12. After more than 2 weeks, I received my order, except what I had been sent was a vastly inferior pair of Nike shoes, which can be purchased in Australia for AUD24.99.
Scam Alert in China

Worst of the worst: Supplier’s de-listed from

First off, I am not saying that Alibaba itself it is scam. Imagine how hard it would be for them to monitor a database the size of Alibaba to keep out the scams and rip offs. So my point in writing this blog post is simply to warm buyers not to rely solely on the directory to enforce the professionalism of the suppliers found on the given directory. It is up to us, the buyers, to do our own due diligence before we send money and issue purchase orders.

Hua Cheng – Putian, China

They got me for $290 USD, but I wasn’t quite bad, it was actually a “good deal”.I ordered a 80GB PS3. But they shipped me via EMS one pair of Jordan Shoes, and five GHD stylers with ceramic technology. Well, those hair stylers are one of the best brand and they were original! I soon started selling them on eBay.