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General Statement

SUPPLIER BLACKLIST is designed to be a user-generated international blacklist of unsafe suppliers. All information on this site is written and published by users/buyers who had a bad experience with a supplier. The content of this site is purely informative and designed to help other buyers to avoid pitfalls.

The administrators of are part-time volunteers from the international buying community and it is impossible for them to review all content. Content posted by users to this website expresses the views and opinions of that user and does not reflect the views of management and owners.

By joining this forum, user agrees to only post content that they believe is true and accurate. User agrees not to post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise in violation of any laws. Users are legally responsible for what they write in this forum and if their posted content is not accurate, lawsuits can be filed by suppliers against them for defamation/libel/slander. encourages users to post accurate, fact-based content when listing what they consider to be a bad supplier on our website.

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Blacklist Removals & Changes

  1. has no formal staff and we simply do not have the manpower to monitor the website or judge the accuracy of a request to delete or change a listing.
  2. If we are contacted by someone claiming to be an involved party requesting a change, we have no way to verify this.
  3. Alert: Ignore scammers claiming to represent They may offer to make an adjustment to the listing in exchange for a fee. They have no influence on this website and if you pay them, you are wasting your money.

Remedies for users who wish to remove or update the listing they created:

When the original listing was made, all users have agreed to follow the forum rules which include notice that listings can’t be removed at a later date, even at the original author requests, for the reasons above.

However, we do offer some remedies:

We welcome relevant parties to state on the listing (in the comments section) how the situation has changed.  And if the buyer made a mistake in the listing, wishes to change their position and/or no longer considers the supplier a bad supplier, please provide as much information as possible in the comments section (under the original listing) regarding how the situation has changed.

If you no longer consider the supplier a bad supplier, consider using the following template:

“I, NAME, have resolved the matter with SUPPLIER NAME, and no longer consider the supplier a bad supplier for the FOLLOWING REASONS:”

Note 1 : While the listing can’t be removed, at least you have clarified the situation by making public your current position.  If you are still in contact with the supplier  that you now no longer consider a bad supplier,  let them know that posting your update and sharing your experience will let the public know that the supplier is a good supplier that worked with you to correct the situation.  That will help restore their online reputation.

Note 2:  SBL receives a lot of communications from blacklisted suppliers pretending to be the original author of the post.  As such the email address of the author of the above clarification will need to match exactly with the email address of the author of the original posting  in order for the new comments to be approved.


Remedies for suppliers who have been blacklisted:

  1. Get in touch with the buyer, resolve your conflict and post an update to Supplier Blacklist. Ask the buyer to post and update as well.
  2. If a conflict cannot be resolved or if you believe information posted by the buyer is not accurate, feel free to post your side of the story in the comments section of the listing. Provide as much information as possible and stick to the facts. Remember that authors of content are legally responsible for what they write in this forum and if their posted content is not accurate, lawsuits can be filed by the offended party against them for defamation/libel/slander. encourages all users (buyers, sellers and related parties) to post accurate, fact-based content.
  3. If necessary, take legal action against the author and/or obtain injunction to force the author to retract their statements. You can have it removed from the search engines (like Google) with the following method:

If information posted on a website is defamatory, but the author is unwilling to retract their statements and/or the website is unable to remove the information, please contact the search engines directly to remove specific website URLs from search engines results.   Most likely you will need to obtain a court order to remove specific website URLs from search engines results. First sue the author of the information and obtain a court order declaring the content on the website defamatory and/or illegal.  The court order can then be presented to a search engine, like Google, which voluntarily removes websites containing defamatory content from its search results upon being presented with a valid court order.

Although the content remains on where it was originally posted, once it is removed from search engine results it is essentially gone for most practical purposes.  The original listing will not be viewed unless someone goes to the original listing or happens to search where the content is hosted.

  1. While the Forum Rules above were created to ensure accurate information is posted to, occasionally, suppliers who have been blacklisted consider taking legal action against as the host of the forum. Here is some information if you are considering this option:

A website, or Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot be sued for defamation related to a third-party comment or post.

Why? Because back in 1996, the Federal Government passed Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which provides a safe harbor from defamation liability, over user comments, to ISPs, hosting companies and website operators.

For example, Facebook is not held responsible for defamatory comments posted by any and all users. The user may be held responsible, but not the website.