Q: How to list a bad supplier or search the database?

Fill in the simple form at https://www.supplierblacklist.com/buyer-complaint-form/ to become a registered user. You will be able to list bad suppliers as well as search the entire database.

Q: How soon will my listing be made public?

SBL is a not-for-profit website staffed by part-time volunteers.  As such, please allow 2 – 10  business days for our volunteers to review the listing and publish to the website.  More time may be needed during holiday periods.

If your listing is not published in 15 days, please check your spam filter as our volunteers may need to verify certain information.

If your listing does not follow the guidelines stated at https://www.supplierblacklist.com/buyer-complaint-form/, your listing is unlikely to be approved.

Q: How to get my money back from a bad supplier?

See https://www.supplierblacklist.com/loss-recovery-and-help-for-victims/

Q: How to be safe when sourcing from overseas?

See https://www.supplierblacklist.com/loss-prevention-and-safe-sourcing/

Q: How to contact SBL?

Content on the site is designed to be user generated with minimal, if any, involvement by volunteer staff. If you wish to post comments, dispute posted content, or reach out to a SBL volunteer, please do so directly in the comment sections of a listing on the website (as we have no email, physical address or formal staff).

Q: Can I remove/adjust the listing I made about a bad supplier?

See https://www.supplierblacklist.com/forum-rules/

Q: My company is a good company but we are listed as a bad supplier. What can I do to have it removed?

See https://www.supplierblacklist.com/forum-rules/

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