Shenzhen Liyouyou Technology Co., Ltd 深圳市礼优优科技有限公司

On 11th of October 2016 I’ve ordered 2,500 pcs of USB flash drives. In a week after I made a down payment of 9,720 CNY (around 1,500 USD) the supplier in China told me that he has already sent my order and asked for the final payment. When I asked him to sent me the pics of my purchase, he told me to wait and provided the pics in 2 days only. After that I sent him the final payment of 22,400 CNY (3,446 USD). After he got the money, he disappeared.

Beijing Xiangdingshun Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd

Order 100 unites of USB flash drives to heck if authentic or fake ( they requested 100 units min order quantity (the contact asked me to send the money direct to some people and not the company, using the excuse that Chinese government levy’s high taxes. Once they confirmed receipt of the funds, they emailed back that they will ship the products same day. The next day I got an email that the products are stuck in customs and I need to pay 90% Brand Tax within 72 hours otherwise customs will confiscate the products!