Aussiegardensvillage – Designer Shoes from China

I purchase shoes from online seller, they issued receipt after I contacted them.
They sent shoes that were not what I ordered (not even remotely close) and refused to take blame.
They consistently asked if I wanted to buy new ones at a 50% discount and they would give me %15 refund to keep shoes and I could resell.
They did not identify that they were in Australia, only used an Australian address to give false belief they were an Aussie seller.

NikeKing Shoes

This site is a scam ( and the email address ( AKA MsAlina). I made an order and paid them and first they told me the stuff I ordered was not in stock and to pick something else, eventually a week later they sent me an email stating that my package was in customs and I needed to pay 70% of the original cost of what I paid for the merchandise as they paid 30%. They said if I don’t pay customs would destroy the package.