Heilongjiang International Economic Trade Exhibit Co., Forhune International Co., Ltd, Mudanjiang Tiptop Electric Co. Ltd

I have problems with this Chinese supplier over the past ten years. The products shipped have never been consistent. I ordered some machinery with them and they promised all new machinery. This is a custom machine that had to be built. When the equipment arrived it was not new but built from some used parts!

Baiside International LTD

I was contacted by Alice Rose to purchase electronic items in China for shipment overseas to a potential client in Africa. I spoke with Angel Rose for about a month trying to get a site visit set up, but kept saying they were too busy to meet. Mistake number one was going a head without that visit (seeing they were acting so open and all). Their communication was good at the start. After order was placed, I was given an incorrect tracking number (one already assigned to someone else apparently). I was given another and was told items are on the way. I was pretty much strung along after that and it all turned out to be a bunch of lies!