Goldenes Riff UG – Frozen Norwegian Salmon …from China!

We purchased Frozen Salmon from Norway from and they invoiced us through We then made a prepayment and we were told to collect the goods after being paid, in a German cold storage. We sent a truck but the goods don’t exist and they don’t want give us money back, inventing a story that the goods will arrive in 2 months from China…!!

Trafishco Corep Sarl

I wanted to visit the production site of frozen fish but M Brahim, the so called owner of the company refused. He said I can come to meet him and check the loading of the container only after I made a first payment. I made an upfront payment of 30% to buy one container of frozen fish. I came to see the loading of the container in Mauritania but the seller disappeared with my money and didn’t provide any fish. It was a scam.
Alphamarr SARL

Alphamarr SARL

Looking for information on Alphamarr SARL who is based in Mauritania that sells Frozen Fish? If you’re looking for information on this company, then read the below experience of one buyer who ended up having problems with this company so…