Electrical Techno

Electrical Techno

Are you planning to purchase High end Industrial Electronic from Electrical Techno company located in Indonesia? If so, be careful of scams. If you are possibly doing business with this company you may consider to do some further research first…

Yueqing Reliable Electric Co., Ltd.

In 2015 we began to notice Yueqing Reliable’s product (especially their inverters) quality was declining. We received numerous defective inverters… Yueqing Reliable then began ignoring our requests. Despite our products carrying a warranty per the terms in which we contingently purchased the products, Yueqing Reliable reneged on the product warranties and now will not return any emails, or Skype messages.

Yongheng Car Industry Co, Ltd

I searched on the internet for a reliable supplier of electric scooters. I found out that Alibaba.com has scanned his suppliers and named the good ones GOLD MEMBER SUPPLIER. I bought electric scooters from Yongheng Car Industry Co, Ltd, also from Hangzhou. I paid USD 9,000,00, to a Gold member supplier of Alibaba, and it did not work out! They were Gold Member supplier for 7 years. I succeeded in putting complaint on their site. They simply deleted it. Twice!! They blocked all forums on Alibaba, you can not write review anywhere about suppliers and so on, so nobody will know how corrupt some Chinese business people are.