Sincoheren Laser

Sincoheren Laser

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Sincoheren Laser

Buyer’s Nationality:
United Kingdom

Sincoheren Laser

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
Room 305, 43 Xizhimen North Street, Haidian District, Beijing China, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Search Engine

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Laser Hair Removal

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
6,001 to 12,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Western Europe

Type of Complaint(s):
Contract Violations

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
I purchased a Laser hair removal machine with both Alex/ YAG settings for my business from Yolanda at Sincoheren.

The machine was delivered to me, and upon first inspection the hand piece was not working and had to be returned to the company for a replacement.

After 4months of using the machine, it started to make a loud constant bleeping noise. I contacted Sylvia from the after sales team in December 2022 and she advised me to put water in the machine (this was the first time hearing this).

After topping up the machine with distilled water the bleeping noise still continued, only this time the screen started to blackout.

After arranging a video call with the engineers I was told there was a blockage within one of the plastic tubes, which was restricting water flow. Sylvia told me that the plastic tube needed replacing and after the machine would work.

After replacing the plastic tube the same problems continued.

After many more WhatsApp messages and video calls with Sylvia and the engineers I was told that the machine breakdown was due to the cold weather in England.
Eventually, Sylvia said the engineers would send me a replacement water tank, which they did.

After having this replaced the noise still continued and the machine remained broken.
I was then sent some other spare parts to replace the old ones and eventually the noise stopped.

While replacing the new parts my engineer noticed that water was leaking from the the top of the laser machine.

While on video call with Sylvia and her team I demonstrated that laser shots from the hand piece was getting weaker and weaker till eventually the hand piece was not working.

At first Sylvia told me this was okay. I complained several times in my WhatsApp group to Sylvia and her other colleagues and was told by one of them, that I should purchase another machine from them to avoid loosing my customers, she then told me that I only paid $9,000 USD for this machine and an original is $70,000 USD so I need to take that into consideration.

Fast forward to January 2023 and another attempt to repair the machine, water started to leak from the top of the machine.

I contacted Sylvia and sent her all the videos. I was told to leave the machine to dry for a few days, before switching it on again.

After arranging yet another video call with Sylvia, she told me that I should send the damaged cavity which caused the leak, to her team and they would fix it. However she said it would not be seen until February 6th because of Chinese New Year. I was extremely annoyed but as this stage there was absolutely nothing I could do.

I sent them the broken part and waited until February 6th for them to return to work. Eventually Sylvia contacted me and told me the part was repaired but I would need to pay £300 not $ before they can send the part back to me.

I was shocked because this was never discussed with me before hand.
I asked Sylvia why am I paying if the parts are covered by warranty…I was told that all spare parts are covered however I need to cover the cost of workmanship to her engineers.

At this point my business had been on hold for 3months and I had lost several customers because of this situation.

Again, I had no choice and paid £250 before Sylvia would post the parts to me.
Fast forward to March 2023 (4 months after the breakdown) I received the parts but yet, the same problem is still happening and water is escaping through the cavity.
After ignoring many of my calls, Sylvia eventually told me that, I am the one who caused damage to the Xeon lamp which has caused the leak, so therefore the company are not at fault for that.

I tried to explain to Sylvia that I did not damage the part but she still insisted that I did.

Now I have been told a replacement part is £300.

Before buying a machine from this company they bombard you with several messages and calls to sell you their products, once a fault arises they ignore your phone calls.
I would advise anyone looking for a laser machine not to buy from this company as they do not honour their warranty.

They do not care about their customers and what impact they are having on their customers businesses.

I am a single mother and have invested all of my money into this business, I have lost many of my customers due to this machine breakdown.

User Recommendations:
Please stay clear of this company and do not buy from them, they do not care about you or your business.

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