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AN Trading

Have you been doing research on AN Trading located in Tokyo Japan sells Car Import?If so, read on below to read one buyers experience when trying to buy Car Import.

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AN Trading

Buyer’s Nationality:
United Kingdom

AN Trading

Seller Website: | | | |

Seller Address:
1-chōme-10-31 Haematsu, Kawaguchi, Saitama, Tokyo, Japan

Initial contact with the supplier:
Introduced by a 3rd party

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Car Import from Japan

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
6,001 to 12,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:

Type of Complaint(s):
Missed Lead Times, Contract Violations, Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
I have been a victim as well and lost a total amount of 11,800$ when the ANTRADING website was operating. These companies are owned by Nadeem Ashraf who is living in Kawaguchi, Saitama, Tokyo. He originally years ago used to live in Sargodha, near University Road and still has family members living there and in Lahore of Pakistan.

Him, along with his friends/family have been helping him get this fraud business out there to market a car they say they have available at cheap prices. Do note, the cars they show are non-existent in their “showroom”, they find them online and classify as their own cars.

Eventually when paid for an agreed car, they start showing other similar cars from auctions, which you can imagine, they do for their own profit. I paid end of May 2022 last year, things started to get very suspicious when the payment was made and they demanded more money for an auction bought car. The boss person in communication, was John (Umar Sheikh) who claimed to have paid more from his pocket money. He also shouted and swore at me on the phone when I requested to cancel the deal and made me cry – He started to become unresponsive after and put on the same call Nadeem (who he labelled as the shipper). Little did I know that these two are all behind this scam. I tried contacting John multiple times and he was ignoring me. He eventually requested that Nadeem should be spoken to which he was also lying about the car and that I should try book the shipping myself. He made me research so much about it, that the people in Japan found it very suspicious I was contacting them that as a consignee, the exporter is not able to make the booking himself and they were worried for me. It came to knowledge that Nadeem’s business ALNOOR TRADING (& other company names) had been blacklisted from shipping as per investigation, for multiple fraudulent/scam reasons.

Only later I had come across this website about other complaints under this company name as well as other business names as mentioned above. I thought I would give them time to ship the car they claimed they bought with low mileage, 7 seats, extra car part changes at there workshop as per the deal I requested. I had some faith since there was a real crisis due to a shortage of vessels due to covid/conflicts as per many contacting many exporters in Japan.

Now, it has come to my attention to finally release information about them, because they have decided not to cooperate with me, they left me to cry and waste a year of my life to believe something and bring shock/frustration/depression to the people who relied on me about the car. Thankfully I’m still alive, but the amount of damage done is done. No car was shipped by them even though they said it will be shipped fast at the end of the month of June 2022. Waited months (now almost a year).. They stole my money, they made fake promises, they used fake names (I know these Pakistani’s very well now, in appearance, there names, there linkage, locations etc).

All the websites they have had in the past are:

Asmat Trading ( – Active ~ 2015-2016) Contact number -> Nadeem
ALNOOR TRADING ( – Active ~ 2018-2019) Contact number -> Nadeem
TOKYO TRADING ( – Active ~ 2020-2021) Contact number -> John (Umar Sheikh)
AN TRADING ( – Active ~ 2021-2022) Contact leads to John -> Nadeem
TKY TRADING ( – Active ~ 2022) Contact number -> John
SVT JP ( – Active ~ 2022-2023) Contact number -> John
ASJAPAN ( – Active ~ 2022-Present) Contact number -> John -> Nadeem

(I have evidence that the above websites are all linking to both of these fraudsters)

All these people working under these different company websites are linked to Nadeem Ashraf and his related family member Umar Sheikh (John). Both have hired a bunch of fraudsters who steal people’s money. All the websites had a Whatsapp contact (which say they are a sales representative, using fake names, but are from Pakistan and work for Nadeem Ashraf who lives in Japan). When asking Nadeem Ashraf if he knows who these people are, he has no clue.

It comes to attention that when his ALNOOR TRADING bank account was on ANTRADING website, he knows nothing about those Whatsapp contacts because apparently he doesn’t know who they are. He surely does, and they are hired by him. He even asked if I want to start a business with him in importing cars to the UK, surely I would have loved that, but clearly you didn’t bring no joy or fulfil the deal.

I must mention that they have also got other business bank accounts which have most have been created through the Soka Branch, the ones to name are ->


Tokyo Trading Co. LTD (MIZUHO and SUMITOMO MITSUI BANK) Account Numbers. 3042710 and 1473729

SVT Japan Trading Co. LTD (MITSUBISHI UFJ BANK) Account Number. 0852718


Investigating into all his data, I came across his linkage across Japan and Pakistan. Worst thing is, he has friends who support him since there is multiple business bank accounts, and probably hired friends/family to work with him.

Owner of Business – Nadeem’s Address via

A picture of Nadeem Ashraf

A picture of the expensive Cars parked near his house

Boss (working for Nadeem Ashraf) – John (Real Name: Umar Sheikh) – Lives in Lahore (I know exactly where)

I must mention, I have evidence for my own protection about everything from start to finish.

Below are websites for other complaints under the lot of companies:

User Recommendations:
Never buy from a company overseas unless they have good reputation, are trusted and better if you have people in Japan who can visit them.

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