FREE Webinar: International Due Diligence: Tips for screening your foreign buyer

FREE Webinar: International Due Diligence: Tips for screening your foreign buyer. is dedicated to helping buyers avoid bad suppliers, and due diligence is a key step in that process.

Normally we would not post information about verifying buyers, but as the content was created by’s frequent contributor Louise Kern, we decided to make an exception and public the information on the webinar considering that many tips for buyer due diligence also apply to supplier due diligence!

International Due Diligence- Webinar Details:

Date: 4/19/22

Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (CDT)

Registration Deadline: 4/19/22 8:00 AM (CDT) S

There is no cost to participate, but registration is required. Sign Up Here

Program Format: Online Meeting (Live)

Training Topics: Exporting, Risk Management


International Due Diligence- Description:

Due diligence can identify any potential red flags, such as financial problems, with your international customers. Conducting due diligence on all prospects minimizes the risks associated with global expansion and increases the likelihood you will be paid for your exports.

Learn from an expert about how to utilize free open-source online resources and about what affordable professional alternatives are available that can help you make an informed business decision about selling to companies overseas.

In the 1 hour webinar, we will discuss,

  • What should you know about your business partner?
  • How can you find information about them?
  • What red flags to look out for and the best practices for dealing with them.


About your speaker: Louise M Kern, Managing Director

GloBIS, Global Business Information Services, Inc. (

With over 30 years of international experience, Louise M. Kern began working in the business information industry in 1996. She has lived in mainland China, Austria, Germany, and France.

Louise has a Bachelor’s degree in East Asian Languages and Civilizations and a Master’s degree in the Social and Political Dynamics of Economic and Political Reforms in China, Former Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe, both from the University of Chicago, and a graduate diploma in Chinese International Relations from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Nanjing (China) University campus.


Seeing the surging need for high-quality business information in the increasingly global economy, and leveraging her extensive relevant business experience, academic background, and cultural knowledge, Louise founded Global Business Information Services, Inc. (GloBIS) in 2003 to provide high caliber, affordable due diligence on companies located in every country around the world. GloBIS customers range from tiny to Fortune 500 and include the US Department of Commerce. GloBIS is a WBENC certified WOSB.

Louise has served on the boards of the International Trade Association of Greater Chicago; International Women Associates Chicago, the Chicago Sister Cities China Committee, and the US Chapter of the United Nations Development Fund for Women.

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