Free Webinar: The ABC’s of International Due Diligence

“The ABC’s of International Due Diligence”
Free Webinar

Hosted by the US Department of Commerce

Featuring’s guest contributor Louise Kern


About the speaker: Louise Kern

With over 30 years of international experience, Chicago native Louise Kern began working in the business information industry in 1996. Seeing the surging need for high quality business information in the increasingly global economy, she founded Global Business Information Services, Inc. (GloBIS) in 2003 to cater particularly to the growing number of small and medium sized enterprises expanding internationally. Initially focusing exclusively on China business information, GloBIS soon expanded its coverage to include information on businesses and individuals worldwide, for clients ranging from companies just starting out to Fortune 500s.


About the webinar


Scams are rampant, but there are free tools you can use from your own computer to quickly and confidently screen potential partners. In this interactive presentation, attendees will learn what they need to know about their international partners and the steps to gather that information via free online searches.


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