Shanghai Diamond Garment Accessories Co Ltd

Shanghai Diamond Garment Accessories Co Ltd

Are you performing due diligence on Shanghai Diamond Garment Accessories Co Ltd from China who sells 4WD UTV? If so, read on below to read one buyers experience when trying to buy 4WD UTV.

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Shanghai Diamond Garment Accessories Co Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:
United Kingdom

Shanghai Diamond Garment Accessories Co Ltd | Diamond Industrial HK Limited (CR NO. 2539797)

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
Rm. 141, Bldg. 9, No. 24 Huhang Branch Road, Nanqiao Town Fengxian District, Shanghai, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
4WD UTV Side X Side Farm Buggy

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
12,001 to 25,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Western Europe

Type of Complaint(s):
Missed Lead Times, Contract Violations, Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
Have used Alibaba and not had any real issues. On this occasion, the company advertised many products in the power sports field, scooters and e-bikes in great detail. It was Alibaba Gold supplier for 2 years, had been checked by

Alibaba and third party on-site, had certificates and seemed a real business.
A modest 4×4 farm vehicle was selected and the MOQ of 2 arranged. This came to around $17,000 USD. Account details were sent over the Alibaba messaging system and then my email was taken to which were sent Pro-forma invoices. The invoices contained contracts that had a similarly named company, Diamond Industrial, (active 3 years) also with an address in Shanghai but a bank in Hong Kong.

As the account details were supplied inside the messaging from the contact at Shanghai Diamond Garment Accessories (which were fully verified) it seemed that the one with the HK account was a normal subsidiary.
There was a lot of sales and time pressure around the time of payment, a bit like a dodgy salesman but I assumed Alibaba had verified them, long track record, and saw the large catalogue that made it seem irrelevant.

I had the sense of getting a deal from a large company, any questions on various item particulars received qualified answers, often delivered rudely and in capital letters. They even suggested using Transferwise instead of a bank and they made enquiries as to whether I’d be going into a branch (obviously in case of payment would be stopped). I paid via bank online T/T and some other smaller parts were invoiced and paid the week later via Transferwise.
As before, the usual flags were ignored as Alibaba had verified the firm, everything was on the secure messaging and once again, the size of the catalogue of even the smallest parts made it look legit.

After a few months the delivery date slipped by and enquiries were made, I had to keep chasing every time often other people were blamed and complained about including shippers; busy periods or even COVID were also excuses. Towards the end I was told they were a multi-million dollar company and they would refund if I wanted to, I still wanted the goods as had customers lined up for them. About 5 months in there wasn’t any other reason the delay in receiving could be right and I asked for ID to which there was no reply. Various other dodgy flags were raised, the ‘marketing director’ name Larry Tscai is a mis-spelling of a Linked-in marketing executive, the name ‘Shanghai Diamond’ has connotations of infamous fake diamond scams in Shanghai and some other ‘customer’ complained loudly on Twitter about being scammed from them with no goods received after a year.
Reported to HK police and Alibaba – at the time of writing the scam company is still selling everything as usual.

User Recommendations:
Always use TradeAssurance or some escrow like PayPal if using Alibaba. Alibaba themselves are partly in cahoots with these scams, they make money out of it too from the listings, and maybe more, (see 2013 scam arrests), so do not expect too much help from them. Do due diligence on the firm you pay – look for signs of physical presence and other order histories – when I really began to check it became obvious the company was there to lift the cash and run. Legit firms will have some google map entries at the very least, even in China. Most of all, respect the fact that the firm you pay is the firm that owes the goods to you even if it seems obvious that anyone can see they are the same – I might have had more chance at recovery if I paid the one that Alibaba verified rather than the company the verified company provided for payment to, even with a Chinese Mainland address.

Look for strong sales pressure around the payment time, let yourself cool off after negotiating details for a few days, and don’t succumb to excuses designed to stop you from doing too much Due Diligence. A good company will always remain polite as well, remember that you are the customer and they are not there to do you a favour.
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12 comments on “Shanghai Diamond Garment Accessories Co Ltd

  1. Hi Crew,

    We’re a Chinese ebike supplier, this Shanghai Diamond company steal pics from our customers everywhere, we have some customers also bought bikes from but never received them….

    Here is their Chinese website with contact info on it:
    Not sure whether it will be helpful for you guys, but if i can be of any help, just feel free to let me know, don’t want them to scam customers any more!

  2.  NNDM21041319461-JRRWRPI-1.pdf

    Hi Crew,
    I also have been done for $27,000USD from this fake enterprise. I bought two side by side UTV’s to send out to Australia and paid 100% up front. I’ve bought products from more than 20 different Chinese factories over the years through initial Alibaba contact and have never been done over before. This front appeared as legitimate as any other operation. They knew the product well, had good options, gold supplier on Alibaba and a very traditional looking P/I with a company stamp. After 10 months of excuses why they didn’t have my order ready and siting Covid to be the main problem, they finally sent me photos of what appeared to be my finished UTV’s. These photos were of the exact colour and design as what I ordered so I believed my order was ready to ship(I later found that these were photos were ripped off another Alibaba website). I told my usual freight forwarder to organise a 20ft container and they told me that Larry was being very difficult and not giving them the required information to book the container. As many factories often do they wanted me to use their freight forwarder that they apparently had many years of experience with and specialised in certificates with shipping batteries as dangerous goods. So I stupidly agreed to use their forwarder and they then sent me a further invoice for freight @ $1750USD. I felt this was a bit too cheap at the time but believed this was going to get my products onto a vessel and out to my country. They have come up with many excuses and lies as to why I haven’t got my order and they repeatedly offer me a refund. Of course I tell Larry I want a refund and give him my account details but all I get is more reasons and excuses why I haven’t yet got it. I had a reply from him about 3 days ago telling me it’s coming. I think the only reason he replies is to try and smooth me over so they can continue their scam operation on Alibaba and I don’t jeopardise their potential to continue advertising on Alibaba. I am of the belief that Alibaba has a lot to answer for allowing this fake factory to continue advertising many products on their platform and no doubt continue steeling money from unsuspecting genuine purchasers. Alibaba are providing them the platform for scamming people and seem to be doing nothing about it. I am contacting my local police fraud section to see if they can somehow communicate with the Chinese police fraud squad. At the end of the day there is a person behind the beneficiary’s bank details and they no doubt had to provide ID when setting up the account. It’s a long shot but I’ll see what’s possible. Along with that I am going to continue to press Alibaba to see what they have to say and what contact information they have with this fake factory, from what I understand traditionally there is an Alibaba representative that is assigned to each seller.
    Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted on what if anything I can come up with

    1. Alibaba staff are clearly behind the scam in some way, the excuses I got from them (eventually) when I reported it were ludicrous. I setup a twitter account with details about the scammers and it got hacked into and deleted a month later, the password was a random google one so either they had access to my google or spent a lot of time hacking it. Another twitter I setup later with a self made password very long did not get hacked.
      Anyhow I reported them to the HK police who have informed that there is a balance of $10,262-HKD left in the account. The suspect was on the Chinese mainland and they believe he has absconded to another country, he is on the wanted list. I now have the option of pursuing a civil case.
      You can find the identities for Diamond Industrial for about $1 from the company registers of HK quite easily. But the first thing is to file an e report to HK police, they do investigate, their email is but the form at should be completed online. You should get a message back from
      District Intelligence Section
      Yau Tsim District
      Hong Kong Police
      who will allocate an officer to take it further.
      I am considering an Asian tour soon in order make make the statement and pursue a civil claim.

  3.  1626937962817_Rechnung_2.pdf

    i also did an order at this company. We ordered 2 E-bikes and 2 50cc motorcycles.
    What can we do to catch this criminal? They are still active in

  4. Hi there,

    I have also been scammed by this supplier… I’d like to get in touch.

    I wonder how many other people have been?

    I do not like being scammed out of hard earned money.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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