HTD Electronic Components Limited

HTD Electronic Components Limited

Have you been doing research on HTD Electronic Components Limited located in Hong Kong sells TDA8563QS10? If so, read on below to read one buyer’s experience when trying to buy TDA8563QS10.

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HTD Electronic Components Limited

Buyer’s Nationality:

HTD Electronic Components Limited

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
Shop 7, G/F.,Chevalier Commercial Centre 8 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay Kowloon, Hong Kong

Initial contact with the supplier:
Search Engine

Type of product(s) being purchased:

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
1,001 to 3,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Western Europe

Type of Complaint(s):
Contract Violations, Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
We are a Hungarian entity with a Parent establishment in India serving clients globally in the electronic parts distribution business. We were looking for NXP item, PN: TDA8563QS10 for 552 Pcs for our client requirement. We approached HTD Electronic Components Ltd, Japan (Which has a Chinese Address and Bank Account in the Proforma Invoice Dated 26-11-2020). Naoko Yuji was the contact ( Who always lied to us about sourcing only New & Original stock, preyed on us for upfront payment. We made sure several times prior to payment for the original condition of the item through skype and emails, she was always lying and bought fake parts and shared pictures. Both Our client (OEM from the Czech Republic) and NXP staff checked the pictures and confirmed the parts are NOT Original!

We informed Naoko the same and she started going ‘NUTS’ and sent us derogatory comments and unprofessional emails by insulting one of our team members. We asked her to be sane and professional but useless. We clearly asked for New & Original stock, which they failed and mentioned the remarks made by OEM and NXP (The Manufacturer) with all specifications but she started attacking us and threatening to reverse inform on us within their Asian network! It was difficult to have a normal conversation with her, as she could only cry and attack us. By discarding the clear cut details mentioned by NXP and the engineering info provided by our client, she wanted us to spend more money to test the parts from 3rd party test house and provide the report. She then started running away and warn to block us.

All the info regarding PO, PI, Item pictures, Mail responses by OEM Client and NXP representative are attached below. We made sure, personal data or info is not revealed (by blurring) to protect our client and NXP contact identity.

She is now disappeared, challenging us we will not get our money back. We are prepared to take all legal measures to hold HTD Electronic Components Ltd responsible for absolute Trade fraud, Derogatory comments (Via Email & Skype), Damaging NXP reputation (by sourcing fake models and discarding NXP’s verdict on the originality), incurring losses to our client (due to delivery delay and production preparation costs) and threatening us to damage our business reputation in Asian Market. Please join us to report and avoid such thief companies from China, claiming to be Japanese!

Dear readers, Please Note: At FireAlps Hungary Kft, we had many situations, where suppliers could not meet their agreed terms (on Quality, Lead Time, Payment, Pictures, etc) but we are always open for discussion and resolved it after adjustments from Client & Supplier side terms. We are in the Electronic Parts Distribution business with good exposure and understand the market uncertainty.
Our Agenda is to fulfill client production requirements via efficient procurement methods.
Please support us with your guidance, thoughts, and information. We are now more careful to do further due-diligence before registering new suppliers.

User Recommendations:
1. It is always dicey when a new supplier strongly seeks payment before pictures.
2. Suppliers say Japanese and have Chinese Bank account and address details are suspicious.
3. How much ever sweet chat suppliers do (calling you Dear, sending pictures of local scenic beauty) for order and payment, Things will turn ugly if issues arise.
4. There are many suppliers out there who are good, committed, and seek solutions with adjustment and a full refund when the agreement is broken. But bad ones like HTD Electronic Components Ltd ( who run away, attack back, and perform fraudulent activities damage the reputation of the country and category of business.

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15 comments on “HTD Electronic Components Limited

  1. Our company Tesla Blatná has been an electronics manufacturer for over 60 years. We purchase components for our products exclusively from official distributors or from proven suppliers. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation has recently led to a worldwide shortage of material. We are therefore forced to look for parts from alternative sources. One of these sources is HTD Electronic Components Limited. Our contact in this case was Ms. Naoko Yuki ( The company claims to be a Japanese company, but it ships goods from China. There were other problems with arranging shipping to us in the Czech Republic. Arranging shipping was thus accompanied by constant complications from HTD, as they were unable to contact or communicate properly with our shippers.
    We primarily purchased the BTA24-600BWRG from this company from the manufacturer STM. The component was inspected by our technicians upon arrival. Unfortunately, the part was found to be a counterfeit. The chip inside the part was about 1/3 smaller than the original part and did not even indicate the necessary electrical characteristics.
    We also purchased a Lite-On LTL30EKDKGK LED in this shipment. The component, while inspected by our technicians, showed a different luminosity than the original component. It was also a counterfeit.

    HTD turned their back on us and stopped any communication with us after the complaint was resolved. We do not recommend this company for future purchases of any parts. There is a high risk of purchasing counterfeit parts.

    In addition, the company presents itself as a representative for ST Microelectronics, but the manufacturer denies this claim. Thus, they are providing false information on their website.

  2. Hello Readers,
    HTD Electronics Ltd (Naoko Yuji) have posted a fake and bogus listing on us on SBL. Please find the below link
    This is part of their revenge and anger towards us for exposing their fraudulent activity and threatening behaviour.
    We never had a client in Afghanistan with such transaction. HTD Electronics Ltd is just criminal minded and lives in the world of cheating and defaming!

  3. Dear Readers,
    HTD Electronics Ltd (Naoko Yuji) have posted a fake and bogus listing on us on SBL. Please find the below link
    This is completely part of their revenge and anger towards us for exposing their fraudulent activity and threatening behaviour.
    We never had a client in Afghanistan with such transaction. HTD Electronics Ltd is just criminal minded and live in the world of cheating and defaming!

  4. Hello Readers, I am Saiteja from FireAlps Hungary Kft. Noako from HTD Electronics Components Ltd (who changed her skype like 5 times now, (currently it says Dolphin something :D)) has given enormous publicity to us in above messages. I request SupplierBlackList to control such un-official, non-factual, random hatred spread by the trade fraud (Valid Documents provided) and rude individuals.
    I would like to inform, Noako has refunded us 95% of payment (says excuses like bank charges etc when we mentioned clearly full refund with bank charges!) and shed crocodile tears that she would lose her job if we do not remove the post. She also says her Manager tells her she lacks professionalism and must behave more matured in business. (Dear Manager of Naoko, please contact us, if you exist and explain us the reason for the barbaric behaviour of your employee).
    Being reasonable, I agreed to send an email to SupplierBlackList if she send us apology letter (Cause she used derogatory mails and threatening us when mentioned NXP Manufacturer confirmed that their parts are fake.) She did send Apology Letter on 19th of Feb and started bombarding mails to remove the post. ‘It took three months to refund our Money (Not Fully), more to that demeaning us with abusive mails! and she can’t wait a little to organise ourselves!
    I checked with Naoko on the balance payment so my Finance dept. will clear the case and close it, so I can contact SupplierBlackList for the necessary amendments of the post, she again started sending rude mails. And now posting all fat lies and defaming comments above. We are sincere international team doing business with AAA rated companies and helping clients with Original Parts and avoiding blackmailers like HTD Electronic Components Ltd specially Toxic Individual like Noako. I asked for their Manager phone number and mail, Naoko ran away again. Cause she finished all lies and now posting hatred on us(probably she is Manager herself spreading weak threats, stealing money, returning partially and abusing clients).
    Noako, I have loads of your mailing and skype content, Readers here come to be aware of unpleasant companies like HTD Electronic Components Ltd, So they are vigilant and their time is valuable.
    I go on record and say, Naoko pleaded us with her double-sided mails, acted cunning and wanted our friendship and now vomiting poison online. With all her lies being documented, she returned 95% of our Money after three months and still being a unethical and disrespectful business individual. I sincerley wanted to mail SupplierBlackList to take down the post but Naoko’s provoking behavior is never acceptable & never ending.. For that reason, This Post remains! cause no one ever should get into a situation like this and waste Money, Time and Peace (Also losing their client credibility due to fake vendors). Dear Readers, Thanks for your Time and Please Be Cautious!
    My Sincere Thanks to SupplierBlackList Team for a platform like this to share our issues on international third party business. Your platform helped us to receive Our Money(95%) back and brought the blackmailer to their Knees.
    Filing Defamation case on HTD Electronics Components Ltd will be right and final move!

    1. This is how Naoko sheds crocodile tears in asking us to remove the post on SupplierBlackList and when we politely asked the balance $137 pending amount so we can close the case with our financial dept and help her; She goes furious showing her ugly nature and start posting all the brutal & blatant lies here.
      My dear Naoko. We could have removed the post as you refunded the major amount. I could have let go the $137 cause I am aware there will be unavoidable losses in business but your hatred behaviour and weak threats and cunning change character and blunt lies to throw dirt on us are never acceptable!!
      P.S. I am still waiting for your Manager call!

    1. Recently, we have met unhappy expereince named FireAlps Hungary Kft . Like trap step by step.

      We sudden received new clients requirements from named Bianka from FireAlps Hungary Kft on Nov 2020 and ask us to accept pay after received the goods and we refused.

      Then Their colleagues named Raef continue to send more requirements and show more and sincere cooperation after we refused and tell us ” they have $100million order per week. Huge potentationl from named Bianka.

      Ask us to quote and provide pictures. Then they contact us to cancel this order during the preparing , Anyway, We refunded 100% as w received ASAP is t he same we received.. Then they threat us to report us in supplierblacklist after received refund unless we can refund more and apogogize letter.

      Our colleagues sent it Apologize letter. they said that not sincere and find new excuse .We explained that we 100% refunded, Or they can contact with bank. They report us in supplierblacklist after received payment and continue to threat our colleaguest to quit job and talk rude words like die and run away, our collleagues is very sad now,. Please see attached list.

      Please see attached file for some record by skype and bank transfer and his games with ugly atttitude and words. This behavior from FireAlps Hungary Kft is not honest /manner behavior.

      we have other clients from Hungary and cooperated two years Never like this methods. I hope that spend some time to read attached info.

  5. Hope everyone be careful for FireAlps Hungary Kft. and Saiteja . They will ask the payment after receive. If you donot accept and they will show sincere cooperation. Please check the careful skype record and threaten words for extra and unfair condition. Mr Saiteja confirmed received payment. and ask apologize letter Then delete feedback. After apologize letter. They set up new trap to ask more unreasonable condition. Saiteja He was boss. Never admit. and find excuse to stop solution and set up trap.

    No matter where you are from, Please be pay attention this company and be careful in trap .
    He was very cunning without reputation. Please check our record show carefully.

  6. We sudden receive requirements from named Bianka from FireAlps Hungary Kft, on Nov, She asked to make payment after receive goods and refused by us, Sudden new colleagues to send more requirements and show their sincere in cooperation. about TDA8563QS10. make payment on DEC and ask us provide pictures and we sent. They cancelled this order and refund as we received . Nearly closed for vocation . and we have refunded 100% when we come back. (bank’s clear ) They confirmed received the payment. and ask more extra fee threats like skype showed. We have lost $300 for keeping fee. But We cannot accept any threats about extra / unfair condition. This is trap !!

    Everyone, Please donot reply sudden people and requirements, Donot be cheated

    All of clients is kind and gentle. I am huge disappointment about Mr Saiteja. Everything including Email and Skype records are all here. Leave them to judge.

  7. This is really big misunderstanding, I am representative and checked all of Emails with FireAlps Hungary Kft. HTD received order and payment on Dec of 2020, TDA8563QS10 is Obsolete and provide pictures when the parts are ready. But FireAlps Hungary Kft insist to cancel this order. We stated that the parts in testing good quality and suggest to samples to test by FireAlps Hungary Kft, But they refused,, The pictures pins are not bent , The problems of magnifying glass in taking pictures. Anyway, HTD Accounting refund and provide fund bank transfer and FireAlps Hungary Kft confirmed and received refund now and done.

    Sorry to hear that , we will continue to improve our service.

    1. HTD can provide all of Emails between FireAlps Hungary Kft, and refund TT copy. And they never disapper and we replied Every Email. This is first business with FireAlps Hungary Kft

      HTD saved all of Emails with FireAlps Hungary Kft. Why you slander bad words ” disapper and run aways, This is ugly words. I replied all of Email, isn’t it , Every business is open and fair, they replied all of your Email and skype. Why you said like that ? This is really bad.

      Anyway, Reputation and Politeness is first one as human or job.

      1. This is the Abusive response given by Naoko when raised our concerns on Fake parts! She ridiculed and blackmailed us and says not mail her. Little she knows about world of business and how unethical companies like HTD Electronics Ltd and Barbaric behaviour Individuals like Naoko will not escape public platforms and forums.

      2. Dear SOPOOO, we have run into the same with HTD as we speak. If it is possible i would like to approach your knowledge and experience on such a sitution with that particular company. Please let me know the way we can communicate.

    2. The problem is not with the Magnifying glass, you buying fake parts and selling to us. NXP Representative confirmed by mail that these are fake parts and Our client marked all the details on the pictures you shared after you pushing us to pay. Attached are the proofs for your ignorance to buy Fake copies from Taiwan and branding those as original NXP chips. We had to cancel the the order cause you lied and violated the PO agreement.

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