Automax United Development Group

Automax United Development Group

Are you performing due diligence on Automax United Development Group from Taiwan who sells Automotive Emergency Light? If so, read on below to read one buyers experience when trying to buy Automotive Emergency Light.

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Automax United Development Group

Buyer’s Nationality:

Automax United Development Group

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
3F-1, No 163, Keelung Road, Taipei, Hsin Yi District, Taiwan

Initial contact with the supplier:
Introduced by a 3rd party

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Automotive Emergency Light

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
3,001 to 6,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Western Europe

Type of Complaint(s):
Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Order #3-5

User Experience:
After a few first small sample orders, it was time to place a bigger order for automotive emergency lights. The payment of 3200 dollars was transferred to the supplier in April 2020. The goods would be shipped two weeks from that moment. After two weeks the supplier contacted me that he had problems with production. No problem at that point and the items would be shipped as soon as possible. Again after two weeks the supplier contacted me to buy new products and proposed some additional items to add to the order. On my question when the initial order would be shipped, there were still some issues. In August, the supplier told me I had to increase the order because there was a MOQ. I claimed the delivery of the initial order or a refund of the full amount and I threatened him with a debt collection agency, but he replied with new products and promotions. At that point, I was sure that this was a fraudulent company that is only out to get as much money from companies as possible.

User Recommendations:
I have very good experiences with Chinese suppliers and have been trading with remote companies since 2006. This is the first time I’ve been scammed by a supplier. In retrospect, I should have checked the references more closely and not rely on an old relationship from a few years ago.

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17 comments on “Automax United Development Group

  1. Date 1 Oct he also tell pay my another order shipment for 40 pcs it was too bad want to spray my bad REPUTATION to my potential customers it was bad

    HE ALSO COPY YOUR STATEMENT TO website cause people misunderstand we did a black supplier Please
    clarify the True things thanks , we already discuss with the Layer to take action in Law,
    but we really need your help to find out The real TRUE and ask him to Drop out he post .
    Anyway we already ask him to Drop out on his website LINK then we can ship the Goods

    Date 7 Jul as Covid 19 our PI#22101 For 40 pcs have material In Shortage Cause The shipment date need to wait so we offer him my current stock 13 pcs for him we also send him the other one total 14( PI$SS-22102BY Paypal )

  2. Date 11 Nov Paypal Make a decision I won , we do not need to refund to him
    (此案已結束 對妳做有利的決定) this case is over is you Right decision you do not need to refund to this buyer

    as you can see from this case #ss-22102 First he tell a lie to paypal do not receive the goods but paypapl do not believe him because we send tracking number to paypal , second time date on 29 Oct he said my goods have defective so it mean he already have receive the goods but we offer him for 105 pcs total 3 time shipment never have problem that’s why he want to place the 100 pcs finally Paypal Trust me we are Right , so you can see like this case the buyer is not goods always edit the fake story .

  3. Date 29 Because i send the tracking number to Paypal so paypal do not belive hie He change the words to say to Paypal the goods have defective ( we offer him 100 pcs never have problem )

  4. He tell a lie to Paypal I do not ship the goods for PI#SS-22102 to pay it by paypal

    Date 1 Oct HE told me paypal he dosen’t receive the goods ( you can translate to your colleague in Chinese ) , I also show tracking number by DHL to Paypal

  5. Date 23 Sep already promise to pay the New Order but now do not admit

    Date on 29 Sep He cancel the pi$ss-22103 lose credit also do not want to pay us# 1,906.00 for New Order , very bad , lose credit

    From: Strobesupply Signalering
    Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 8:11 PM
    To: sting
    Subject: Re: #UH-012 /
    Hi Sting,

    Good to hear from you.

    5th of august i told you to make a new order for 100 pieces, but i was not aware that you already had an open order for 40 pieces. This is called miscommunication and sorry for that.
    It was my plan to cancel all open items that you can not deliver (UH0122 etc. etc.) and make one new order for 100 pieces UH012. Hope you understand what my plan was. It was not something to mislead you about.

    Now that you have 40 pieces almost ready to ship, please send them to me as soon as possible. I have a customer who I sold some to already so I need them.

    I will promise you to confirm the new order for 100 pieces and pay the invoice SS22003 in january 2021. (write this down, it’s a promise)
    I will do my best to promote your products and have the website finally live and launched.

    Ofcourse i will try to increase quantities on the orders as quickly as possible, but you have to understand that this takes time. But we will get there together.

  6. Date 10 Sep He will take already finished 40 to move to 100 become 40 of 100 pcs my God because current finished is us$ 32.00 but he move to 100 because us$ 31.00 so he can get cheaper us$ 1.00 x 40 it is impossible we already finished 40 pcs then he is smart to wait another 60 total 100 to ship it by sea . very bad

  7. Date 7 Jul as Covid 19 our PI#22101 For 40 pcs have material In Shortage Cause The shipment date need to wait so we offer him my current stock 13 pcs for him we also send him the other one total 14( PI$SS-22102BY Paypal )

  8. Date 10 June 15 pcs to pay it by Paypal he sent me Payment Pi#SS-22102 From Paypal us$ 911.60 Include paypal handling fee ( the real amount is us$ 860.00 ) He bough 15 pcs #UH-012 ( You can check date 1 Oct,29, 11 Nov)

  9. we repeat again . The PI$ SS-22001 US$ 3,174.00 we already finish most goods for 40 pcs #UH-012 , but want to increase to i 100 for my #UH-012 he is smart want to move already finished 40 into as He said 100 also he dose not want to pay the extra , as i quote him 100 is cheaper than he paid for 40 pcs us$ 1.00 also he is SMART can get cheaper us$ 1.00 x 40 for us$ 40.00 i said i can not accept because the already finished for 40 pcs WE need to ship first also the new PI# SS-22003 IS US$ 3,250.00 After deduct the balance from PI#SS-22001 so the new order is New 100 pcs also He have to pay extra us$ 1,912.00 but this guy do not want to pay . My god , He want to save his money but we already finish 40 pcs he will move to 100 also he dose not want to pay extar money and can get cheaper us$ 1.00 x 40 pcs ( we already finish the goods is higher than new 100 us$ 1.00 , My god , He is Smart but we are stupid because we already finished for 40 pcs

  10. Dear sir

    Please see attached the finished Goods

    This Buyer tell a lie we never say we can offer him goods in 2 week , Please show me evidence , the problem we already finished goods In August for 40 pcs but you want to buy 100 pcs is not extra just want to move already finished 40 into 100 also just pay 60 pcs but can get cheaper cost us$ 1.00 in i think nobody can believe you guy change the thinking then get cheaper us$ 1.00 x 60 = us$ 60.00 , my God , it is so bad .

    we can send our conversation on e-mail and What’s app .

    He keep to spray the wrong information to my potential customer and more guy let our company reputation is down , we already ask my Layer in The Netherlands how to take action , we also try to discuss with him , please drop the bad information on black list we will ship the goods because he tell the lie first . this company the owner is ” Martijn thanks

  11. Dear Sir

    I am owner of Automax united development corporation , this supplier tell a lie ,
    The real story is

    The buyer is busy and misunderstand what he have it , I already told him we already finish #UH-012 But he always are confused until I remind him , he are a guy carefully to calculate the cost and know where is cheaper you will buy it even I do not ship the all you will move all PI#SS-22001 instead of PI#SS-22003 and our PI# SS-22001( amount us$ 3,174.00) is us$ 32.00 but you told me you will buy 400 pcs I offer you us$ 31.00 buy finally he said only can buy 100 but I always think this is Whole new order for 100 so I send him PI# SS-22003 Unit cost us$ 31.00 my god finally I know you will move PI#ss001 to Pi# ss-22003 so he can get cheaper us$ 1.00 , it was bad because I told him the 40 set I already finished ( see attached ) In Aug it and he dose not want to pay the extra money it is confused to me , if you are ME , How can you feel that . it mean the already finished goods need to ship with the balance 60 pcs total 100 to ship it by sea , I think nobody can accept it ,

    He also buy 20 pcs to pay the paypal them we ship it out in july 2020 , he told a lie to paypal he did not receive the goods , so we show tracking number to paypal , finally the paypal found we are correct ( we will try to send you more information , so we do not need to refund to him , this Guy “Martin ” always tell a lie i really do not want to fight with him because that’s problem , hope you can double check the real story

    another he link link blacklist information to his website when you google search you my
    potential customer find it to ask me cause let me to explain too much , the problem we never do bad credit , hope you can check it in clear . thank

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