Qingdao Oriental Shimano Import Export Co Ltd

Qingdao Oriental Shimano Import Export Co Ltd

Are you looking for information on the company Qingdao Oriental Shimano Import Export Co Ltd located in China who sells Food Trailer? If so, read below to read one buyer’s experience with this company.

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Qingdao Oriental Shimano Import Export Co Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:

Qingdao Oriental Shimano Import Export Co Ltd

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
Pangmengzhang Road, Qingdao, Shandong, 266000, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Search Engine

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Food Trailer

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
12,001 to 25,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Western Europe

Type of Complaint(s):
Missed Lead Times, Lack of Labor, Contract Violations

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
I flew to China in December 2019 to see the quality for myself. I was there for 3 days and was picked up from the hotel every day to discuss all the details. I was convinced of the quality on-site because they had a couple of exhibition trailers. We have discussed everything that the trailer should go to Germany and that it must meet the European standard. No problem at all, since you have already delivered to Europe several times, you would know what has to be installed. Then it came to the purchase agreement, where I paid 50% down in December so that I could start right away. They had the money on their account but it wasn’t started right away, that was the first time I got angry. the trailer should be ready for shipping in mid-February. then came corona and work stood still for the time being (ok, nobody could see that beforehand). Then in the middle of February, the building should start again for about 6 weeks, then it would have been ready for shipping at the end of March at the beginning of April. it wasn’t finished until the beginning of June, more than 2 months later than the agreed time. then he arrived in Germany in the middle of July. I could not believe my eyes. the quality of the trailer in china and what was delivered are worlds apart. the only thing that was delivered to Europa confirm was the also landing gear. to the flaws
1. Complete outdoor lighting in the wrong colors and no CE sign.
2. All windowpanes without CE mark only the Chinese ccc mark which is not allowed in Germany
3. Tires and rims the same, no CE mark which is required in Europe.
3. The frame is incorrectly welded so that the statics are no longer correct and no approval in Germany.
4. The interior work is also a disaster, no silicone processed in the gaps, welding work is very poor. water is already coming in because the windows were not properly sealed. already rust spots.
5. the jockey wheel was attached incorrectly so that the gasbos cannot be mounted on the axle, because the box is also too big. The sheets were not beveled so that they are sharp-edged.
6. The aluminum plates are riveted incorrectly on the outside, as the rain gets into the crack when driving.
now the writing goes back and forth and they talk themselves out as out.

The TÜV inspector drew up a list of defects and said that this would not give him approval. he said I could send it back or take it to the junkyard.

Now the Chinese are stubborn and say the quality is very good and I would only have ordered it as standard and not explicitly for Germany. I could make the few mistakes myself with little work, I always get the answer.


User Recommendations:

I advise everyone against buying from a company very friendly at the beginning, but when the first money has flowed they show a different face.

I can only advise everyone who does business with china not to pay anything, otherwise, it can happen to everyone. if money is paid to a blocked account and someone on-site to check the goods.

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4 comments on “Qingdao Oriental Shimano Import Export Co Ltd

  1. Message to the author of the original listing/post:

    Please check the comments section in listing you created at as there is feedback from someone claiming to be supplier. They claim that your listing is not true. If their comments are accurate, or if there was a mistake, please adjust or retract your listing. If your original listing was accurate, we hope you may offer a rebuttal to their recent comments and post documentation to the listing which shows an order was placed to the supplier in question.

    Thanks again.

    1. Reply from the verified author of the original post:

      Everything I wrote is was. The trailer was to be manufactured for Europe and is now not being approved in Germany because only Chinese products without a CE mark were installed. Tires and glass only have ccc marks and no Ce marks. electrics the same. It rusts because only inferior material was used. The trailer is just scrap and cost €23,000 including shipping. I have to put in at least 15,000 euros to be able to use it.
      I flew to china and looked at the quality and got scrap.
      I can prove everything that it is so. the company only sells junk. It may be ok for Asia, but this company is not recommended for Europe because it does not deliver quality that is recognized in Germany

      1. Dein Bericht hat mir sehr geholfen, der Truck den ich kaufen wollte nicht zu bestellen. Ich würde mich freuen wenn wir uns darüber kurz unterhalten können?

        Your report helped me a lot not to order the truck I wanted to buy. I would be happy if we could talk about it briefly?

  2. I am the product manager of Oriental shimao, and this is the second time I have encountered a post from a colleague who pretends to be a buyer to slander our brand image,I was shocked and angry.

    First of all, our company’s products have many years of experience in the global trade, we export to many countries, Germany is one of our main markets, and we are very familiar with the German food truck import standards.And all our catering equipment have CE certificate,We can stand the test of any customer.

    Secondly, the craft of the truck on the picture sent by this colleague is not consistent with our company’s unique craft. Careful buyers can observe the craft of our food truck carefully, and they will easily find that this is not our company’s product at all. Moreover, each car of our company has its own code, which will be easy to identify

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