Guangzhou Finepanda Technology Co Ltd

Guangzhou Finepanda Technology Co Ltd

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Guangzhou Finepanda Technology Co Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:
Saudi Arabia

Guangzhou Finepanda Technology Co Ltd

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
X1301-F1108, Bldg. 1, No. 106, Fengze East Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Mask Production Machine

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
25,001 to 100,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Middle East

Type of Complaint(s):
Contract Violations, Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
This “company” is called Guangzhou Finepanda Technology Co., Ltd. We found them on Alibaba, they are a gold supplier and have a verified address. They claim that they are a manufacturer of face mask production machines and that they have the machines in stock!, they took advantage of the coronavirus situation and offered very fast shipping (3 days only!).

We agreed on 75,000 US dollars for the machine and we paid 40,000 dollars as a down payment.

We asked him to show our Chinese agent the machine before the full payment, so he sent him to some factory, and the machine was very bad and totally different than what we agreed on. Then we refused to complete the payment.

Now it turned out that they are not a manufacturer and their alleged office does not exist at the address that Alibaba claims it is verified. Our agent in China went to that address and did not find anything!
They also repeatedly refused to give us an address of their company!!

The guy Jack Qin and his assistant Nicole initially promised they will return the money then Jack claimed he is not the manger and they cannot return it. Finally, they blocked us, just like typical scammers.

These are the responsible people and their numbers. Please be careful, do not trust any of them:
Jack Qin (the boss)
0086 13570394927
86 020 87222587
86 020 87122544
86 20 34068126

Nicole He
0086 18929624025

Claire Liu
Fanny Chen

Their pages:

If you need more info contact me on

User Recommendations:
NEVER trust the suppliers’ information on Alibaba. We found that his “verified” address is fake, he has no office, no factory!!

The address that I put above turned out to be fake, but this is the only address I have

User Submitted Image 1:

User Submitted Image 2:

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15 comments on “Guangzhou Finepanda Technology Co Ltd

  1. Here he promised to return the money after 40 days when we first asked for refund which was just a lie. Now when he is exposed, he claims that it costed him more than 40,000 USD to customize the machine for 220v60hz !!!!!! This is ridiculous !!!!! Anyone who knows about machines knows that this guy is a liar.

    Now after our post in this website became famous on google he is trying to defend himself. We offered him to cut a reasonable amount of the 40,000 and return the rest to us but he ignored us.

  2. Don’t u see the address I Sent in the wechat group???did u know what your agent comment on you?we had a very nice lunch with him after your second requiring him to our address?u deliberately ignore this information??two hours later he called us sadly saying he would not follow your order any u know how much was it ?we are waiting for you to go to courts immediately,I told u to go to courts at the very beginning since u had agent here

    1. Yes. That address was for a different factory that you are trying to act as a broker between us and them, and the machine they showed is DIFFERENT.

      You claim in your Alibaba page that you are a manager in a large factory that does not exist. Your “office” address that you have on Alibaba is fake and we sent our agent to that site and there is nothing (attached pictures) it is only a plate in the entrance of the tower.

    2. You know the difficulties about going to the court since we need to travel from Saudi Arabia to China, that is why you dare to fraud people. Not only us, I got emails from others who were scammed. You only started to show some interest after the post on this website started to appear in the top results on Google search. Before this post, we would call you all the day and you simply ignore us.

    1. Yes they did not interfere because the payment was done directly to you. this is the only reason. Therefore, people should not trust you because you are a liar.

      If you are truly a manufacturer go ahead and post the address of your factory instead of the fake one on Alibaba.

      By the way, I am getting emails from other people who bought other products from you and got them broken. One of them is just a startup!!! and now he is suffering because of you.

      Anyone who is reading this in 2021. Please note that he changed is name to Andrew Luo. BE CAREFUL !

  3. Dear customer,It’s you who violate the basic business integrity.In the invoice,it has been written very clearly that first deposit,and then after finishing,you ask your friends in China to come to check and then pay the balance and ship.The fact was that you ask for refund after two or three days after deposit.The parts of mask machine were very costly at the time,we had spent more than your deposit of 40000usd to prepare your customized Saudi Arabian voltage 220v60hz.As for the so called different types,it was a totally far fetched reason,only because you regret after deposit.You had made a dispute on Alibaba twice,but totally failed,no matter which court you go to prosecute,no judge support this way.
    And this is what I Responded in Alibaba after customer made the dispute,which I want to repeat again to make the whole thing more clear:
    1,machine is ready at the beginning,we sent location to him and his agent,and regulating that first to pay deposit to get ready of machine,then customer ask his chinese agent to check and pay the left and ship; 2,customer regret after his deposit,first claiming that it doest have so called belt,though I had sent the video to him before ordering,in which no belt,and the belt no any effects if customer dont buy package machine,it is used to transfer the finished mask to package machine; 3.after we confirmed every details with his agent dating to come to our factory to check the other day at a very late evening,his agent told me at early morning that customer dont want to buy actually; 4.even if i said I can try to get the belt the customer always insisted to attach before,he still refuse to pay the balance any more and asked for refund claiming we are only trading company and not factory and so on; 5,we did nothing wrong and as per regulated,if customer dont want to buy,we cannot sell the customized 220v60hz of Saudi Arabia voltage,we even suffered more loss;5,as for what our workmate Nicole say,she knew nothing actually,she is not responsible for this matter.

    1. Lying again, anyone with basic knowledge knows that customizing for 220v60hz does not cost anywhere near 40,000 dollars!! The reason why we refused to continue is because you showed us a garbage machine which was totally different from the ones you post on your page. We have all the right to refund.

      1. This is the machine you were trying to sell us. totally different from the one on your page. Again, I received emails form others who received defected products and you just block them when they try to contact you. He is just a broker and not a manufacturer as he claims on his page. POST YOUR FACTORY ADDRESS IF YOU ARE TRULY AN HONEST PERSON.

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