Inner Mongolia Qingyue Chemical Co Ltd

Inner Mongolia Qingyue Chemical Co Ltd

Have you been doing research on Inner Mongolia Qingyue Chemical Co Ltd located in China sells Ethanol? If so, read on below to read one buyer’s experience when trying to buy Ethanol.

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Inner Mongolia Qingyue Chemical Co Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:

Inner Mongolia Qingyue Chemical Co Ltd

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
Room 1301, Block B, Fengtai Jinfeili Plaza, Zhongshan East Road, Xincheng, District, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, 471, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Introduced by a 3rd party

Type of product(s) being purchased:

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
6,001 to 12,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Western Europe

Type of Complaint(s):
Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
My name is Iztok and I’m a purchasing agent for the respected German company.

It started with us searching for 99% denaturated ethanol since there was a big shortage in Europe. We searched on regular channels Alibaba, Made in China, and through our contacts in China.

A few companies could offer us what we were looking for and one of them was and they have contacted me directly since they said they have an agent searching on these sites.
Inner Mongolia Qingyue Chemical Co., Ltd

During our communication they have provided all the documentation, MSDS of product, had detailed knowledge about loading and product, export to Germany, and what is most important, we have checked them through our net of suppliers all saying it looks legit company according to the documents the company provided.
• On the 15th of April have contacted me through email sending me an invoice QY0200415-007 with price 850 USD/MT FOB Qindao. (at first, they wrote CIF Koper and the same day I wrote to Maggie WeChat asking if she is sure to sell it on CIF? Mrs. Maggie thanked me for noticing since it would be in their damage and they corrected to FOB)
• Since they have notified us that in the following week price will go up to 1100 USD/MT FOB, we made 50% down payment immediately and send the confirmation on 18th (the last day when the invoice was valid with the lower price) So they could reserve the goods for us knowing that we will pay the rest very soon.
• We expected that we will ship containers in a week like predictions were also. They said they need 5 working days.
• they notified me on 27th of April that payment came on their bank account. They had holidays but had 4 working days before them to work on our order.
• And on 6th of May – 10days later after they received our payment, Mrs. Ally (ceo) wrote that they are sorry, but the price went up from 850 USD to 1150 USD a big 35% increase.
• Of course it was a shock to us, we notified our customer and immediately he cancelled the order. We lost him.
• Since we paid according to the sales agreement QY0200415-007 correctly and on time we expected that we get our money back and we would have nice business relations for the future if any other possible customer needs the goods they would be our first choice. Unfortunately finding new customers was impossible.
We have every right to demand our money to be returned to us.
We came forward to them with various options. We tried to sell the goods to many of our business partners in China, but no one needs ethanol since they are not in this line of business.
They gave us only excuses, not answering phones, delaying communication, and not understanding that it is not our fault for the situation that happened.
• On 28th we got an agreement that they will return the money.
• on 29.05. they wrote that our stamped and signed agreement on refund is not stamped only signed. I have sent the stamp picture and they replied they will check.
• On 1.6. they said the transfer will be done this week
• On 3.6 they said transfer is done partially but didn’t provide any confirmation
• On 4.6 I had enough and threaten that I will contact lawyer and embassy etc. I got pictures from Baidu form from one of my China friends that this company is a fraud. Someone has cheated in China 6 days ago.
• On 5.6. I got reply from Ally: we are not a fraud and I will get my money back soon
I don’t believe a word.

User Recommendations:
Normally I purchase from suppliers based on Alibaba or friends recommend me companies to talk to, or I meet them on trade shows in China or Europe. I was in a hurry to get products, they had all documentation, video, I send all of this to 4 of my friends in China to check them and all said it looks legit, but the website was a bit copy-paste, which in China is sometimes normal if dealing with distributer.
So I have learned – Don’t hurry, take it slow and steady.

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13 comments on “Inner Mongolia Qingyue Chemical Co Ltd

  1. We do 5 years with them for PVC resin and ethanol,all work well and ship fast,
    If you can not provide prove,then just guess,I think you are a very small and sensitive company.
    “If there is no evidence, it’s really shameless to make such a rash accusation.

  2. Inner Mongolia Qingyue Chemical Co Ltd Crimal Fraudsters, Qingyuechem, Qing yue, Qingyue Criminals, Thieves , Scam Artists, seemingly backed by the state, and all the solicitors in there region Hohot. Beware, many companies loosing thousands $$$$$$ on down payments only for them to breach contract , raise prices, and not return deposits. Criminal Fraud and seemingly immune from prosecution and backed by officials.

      1. Here I have two customers suffer by this QINGYUE company ,please also be attention the Qingyue is a fraud group , now they open new companies to do same cheat way . below companies is same fraud:

        Inner Mongolia Qingyue chemical
        Inner Mongolia Jinzhong Chemical
        Junar Banner Xinrong Chemical
        Inner Mongolia Junsai Chemical
        Inner Mongolia Pulis Chemical

        Please spread to your Gas and steel friends. it will be helpful to avoid this.
        Recently they open and use new company to make trick. receive deposit and not send the goods ,please be careful dear friends!!!

        1. They open already a new companies : INNER MONGOLIA LUDINGYUAN CO.,LTD and send to all customer docs for another company : INNER MONGOLIA Ludingyuan Import and Export Co., Ltd. Personal card included. Be carefully .

          1. Hi Alex, you have bad experience with Inner Mongolia Ludingyuan also?

            could you share about detail please?

          2. We do 5 years with them for PVC resin and ethanol,all work well and ship fast,
            If you can not provide prove,then just guess,I think you are a very small and sensitive company.
            “If there is no evidence, it’s really shameless to make such a rash accusation.


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