Skukh Industry in Punjab

Skukh Industry in Punjab

Are you performing due diligence on Skukh Industry in Punjab from Pakistan who sells Tracksuits? If so, read on below to read one buyers experience when trying to buy Tracksuits.

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Skukh Industry in Punjab

Buyer’s Nationality:
United States

Skukh Industry in Punjab

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
Hunter Pura Street Molvi Bashir, Sialkot, Punjab, 52000, Pakistan

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
3,001 to 6,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
US or Canada

Type of Complaint(s):
Compromised Intellectual Property

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Order #3-5

User Experience:
I have been working with this company for 4 years now. he apparently changed his name on Alibaba to SKEY CORPORATION.but his name is MR TAYYEB MAHMOOD. Each time I order…its simple mistakes that cost my company a huge lost and tremendous time lost as well. I ordered short sets before and he made all the logos slanted and expected me to pay-he did accommodate this and took them off but I lost time and preorder money. this company also charges a ton of money for products but I kept going bc I trusted him way more than other companies in Pakistan.

Mistakes: waist area was way to big on pants so I cannot sale them or paint is chipping or importantly paint was discolored on items. I had tons of RETURNS and tons more mistakes bc he chose to be cheap but CHARGE HIGH PRICES!! My most recent mistakes is I paid 4200 for 80 tracksuits. Keep in mind I mailed him samples of the EXACT tracksuits I got done from another manufacture so all he had to do was copy exact…this was simple …how can u mess up when only issue was to copy exact…we had slight changing as per logos but I had no issues there….I received the products and they were all the wrong sizing it was one size up so it screwed my whole order release bc these days people prefer fitted clothing. I lost maybe half my money on this order bc the manufacture . I cannot sale any xl or 2x sizes bc they are super huge..I can possible sale the med and larges only…After I addressed this only thing he said was ill take $2 off if you reorder pants..this was a complete joke to me….I asked to ship my samples back so I can order from someone else and end our 4 years of working together bc I have had enough of the mistakes…and soon after I asked he blocked me….I even sent my dal account so he doesn’t even need to pay for shipping g it was free for him!!! so now I’m at a lost bc he made sizes wrong and he kept, basically stole my samples to even get things remade elsewhere!!!
Overall lot mistakes were simple but the fact that I always tell Tayyeb simple mistakes cosy my company a huge lost so please I will pay extra for better materials and things correct. He is a nice guy but after he blocked me when I asked for my samples back I’m no longer interested in being nice back to this guy!!!

User Recommendations:
I will just learn after 2 mistakes. Go elsewhere because I even sent him things to copy and it still was a huge mistake. so I’m just too scared to even try again and lose money ..ill just go back to China and find another trusted company in Pakistan with reviews

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