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Shantou Jinyafa Electronics Co Ltd

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Shantou Jinyafa Electronics Co Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:

Shantou Jinyafa Electronics Co Ltd

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Seller Address:
Siying Road, Sima Pu Town, Shantou, Guangdong, 515149, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Search Engine

Type of product(s) being purchased:

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
Under 1,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Republic of South Africa

Type of Complaint(s):
Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
Please make sure never to order from Shantou Jinyafa Electronics Co., Ltd.! This is a highly unprofessional company with products that can’t meet any standards at all!

In August 2019, we ordered 16pcs spotlight from Shantou Jinyafa Electronics Co., Ltd. as a trial order, the salesman (Jimmy) repeated promised me than their products are of high quality and I told Jimmy that if the trial order is a success, our next order will be a big one and we even plan to brand the spotlight.
Below are the problems we found upon opening the package:
• 8pcs front caps were falling apart
• 3pcs cannot switch on
• 4 handles cannot lock properly
• 2pcs have making noise with movements

We reported the problems to Jimmy along with videos and pictures on September 4, 2019. First of all, he insisted that their products don’t have any problem, the problems were caused during transportation. I told Jimmy that both carton and packages were not damaged and it was impossible that the problems were caused by shipping; besides, with the same shipment we have another supplier’s products that are all in perfect condition and none of their product is falling apart like theirs, unless someone specific targeted their carton (which is impossible), there is no way that the damages of their spotlights were caused during transportation. Long negotiation with Jimmy, and below are the details how Jimmy’s explanation or solution regarding each problem.

Front caps falling apart Jimmy insisted that we open each package and try to relock it on, but if you shake or slightly tap the spotlights, the caps are falling off again, after many pictures and videos, Jimmy final admitted that they forgot to put the waterproof ring on the spotlights.
Spotlights cannot switch on for this problem we have to use screw driver open the spotlights as this was strongly and repeated requested by Jimmy. Upon opening the spotlights, we found out that one spotlight the wire was not even Soldering up, Jimmy again insist that this was caused by the shipping; and other 2 spotlights, we still cannot figure why it won’t work.

Handles cannot lock properly Jimmy simply told me that it’s their unique design. Anybody who has some common sense would immediately know that’s not the case at all, the handle must be properly lock and should not keep on turning.

Spotlights with noise coming from inside Jimmy told us there are loose spare parts inside the spotlights and we need to open them and find the spare parts. We had to open these spotlights completely and no loose spare parts were found but the noises are still there.

So, we spend hours just to open – assemble – reopen – reassemble these spotlights. It was like game for Jimmy I believe. Even with many videos and pictures, Jimmy still insisted that their products don’t have any problem, he told me that if their spotlights are not up to standard, they would have discontinued their production for this spotlight. There was no way I can make Jimmy understand even with pictures and videos of their defective products. So, I suggested that we get a third party to do the inspection, if the third determines that the problems were caused by shipping, I will even double up the spotlight’s payment for them, but Jimmy never agreed to so. At some stage, Jimmy wanted to ship all the spotlights back to China, but when he found out that the courier fee is very high, he changed his mind and told me that they will refund us our purchase money but we are responsible to return the spotlights to them. what a joke!

About 2 weeks back and forth with Jimmy, I felt that we would not reach anywhere and I was just wasting my time with him every day for few hours, I decided to contact Owen (I assume he is the owner of the company). Owen told me they forgot to put the waterproof rings on the spotlights, that’s why the caps are falling off. So, he agreed to send us 3 complete spotlights, 4 handles and 13 spotlights heads. We received all the spares on Oct 16, 2019. On Oct 21, to our horror again, once we open the wrapping, the caps immediately fall off. This time they did put the waterproof rings on, but some waterproof rings are on the lamp cups, some are on the front glasses. I took videos and reported the problem to Owen. Now Owen became another Jimmy, he blames the shipping this time. I told him there is no damage to the carton, so it cannot be caused by the shipping, and I am willing to take picture of the carton to show him. I asked Owen how can they put the waterproof ring on different parts? Guess what, Owen told me that nothing wrong with it, their engineer said it can either be on the lamp cup or on the front glass. Is this possible? I don’t think so. Almost every day I have to contact him and request him to solve the problem. The solution he proposed to me is to use superglue to stick the covers on and try to sell them to our customers, all what we need to do is explain to the customers about the superglue, if the customers agrees to buy the spotlights, it’s good; if not, wait for our next customer. I firmly told Owen that we cannot do this to our customers and we will not jeopardize our company’s reputation by doing so. The negotiation like this continued with Owen for more than 3 weeks, every time he just tells me that he wants to solve the problem but he doesn’t have a solution except to use superglue to fix the falling covers. That’s his answer to my problems. Many times, he promised that he will come back to me on how to solve the problem with a real solution, but he never did and he will have excuses like “I was busy, I cannot think of any other solution other than glue the caps on”, I have to always approach him. It was obvious that Owen just was not sincere enough to solve the problem.
When Owen blamed the falling caps were caused by shipping, I also immediately suggested that we involve a third party to do the inspection and we will double up our payment to them if the damages were caused by shipping, but Owen just ignore my suggestion. Guess deep down he knows what kind of products they supplied us, he knew very well what the inspection company’s report would be and he was too terrified to involve a third party. The funniest part is that Owen suggested that he will send me video of the spotlight to prove that it’s of high quality, I told him that we need the spotlights that we received to be in good condition not the video he wants to send us. I am sure Owen will send me amazing video of their products, but this doesn’t solve we problem, we are sitting with their scattered spotlights. Besides, the videos and pictures that I sent to them don’t mean anything at all?

For me, it seems like Owen just enjoys torturing me for few hours almost every for about 3 weeks. To date, it’s exactly 100 days since we first reported the problems and we still have all these scattered spotlights in our warehouse, which has zero value for us. My last communication with Owen was on Nov 12, he simply ignored my last few messages on that day and disappeared since then. He is very well aware that cannot make any use of those scattered spotlights, but he is acting as if nothing has ever happened, my problem is not his problem and it doesn’t trouble him at all.
I cannot take this anymore and any longer, I have decided enough is enough, Owen had plenty of time to solve the problem, unfortunately Owen never intended to do so. Hence, on behalf of our company, I am here to expose Shantou Jinyafa Electronics Co., Ltd., to warn buyers all over the world, to think twice before dealing with this company, they are awfully unprofessional, unreasonable, unreliable. This company doesn’t understand the meaning of quality, doesn’t care about their customers and the end users.

I wasted more than three months of my time with Shantou Jinyafa Electronics Co. If you want to avoid headache, bad products, loads of complaints and a counterpart that does not even understand the word of quality control then you should make sure to never order from Shantou Jinyafa Electronics Co.! This company is bad news. They have no understanding for the fact that the kind of products they supplied us will have negative impact on our reputation. They simply repeatedly suggested us to use superglue to fix the problem. We call this action is opportunistically deceive customers and refused. Believe me it is not worth it! Stay far away from Shantou Jinyafa Electronics Co., Ltd. This is a terrible supplier and they will give you nightmares.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any more information, I will be happy to provide you with pictures, videos or our communications records for proof.

P.S. The freight forwarder even reminded me to be careful when doing business with Shantou Jinyafa Electronics Co., Ltd., who also acted unprofessionally with the freight forwarder.

User Recommendations:
Don’t let the supplier’s attractive product picture deceive you
The supplier sell their products on many online shops, but this doesn’t mean their products are of high quality
If you have slightly doubt about the salesman’s professionalism, stay away
If possible, involve a third party to do the inspection

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