Fuhui Technology Co Ltd Based in Beijing

Fuhui Technology Co Ltd Based in Beijing

Are you performing due diligence on Fuhui Technology Co Ltd Based in Beijing from China who sells Furla Bags? If so, read on below to read one buyers experience when trying to buy Furla Bags.

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Fuhui Technology Co Ltd Based in Beijing

Buyer’s Nationality:

Fuhui Technology Co Ltd Based in Beijing

Seller Address:
No 18 Quingshui Road, Beijing, Changhang Dristrict Foshan, 528000, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Direct Buy Website

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Furla Bags

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
Under 1,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Australia/New Zealand

Type of Complaint(s):
Missed Lead Times, Compromised Intellectual Property, Lack of Labor, Contract Violations, Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
Hi my name is Remelyn Tossell from the Philippines, I was on fB that time and I see this website “FURLASHOP.COM” so I tried to clicked it and its looks genuine.and because I got 2 days only and the sale is gone so I ordered so quickly coz those bags are one of my after I paid the felt like there’s a missing the DELIVERY dates and more. So I spoke to my husband straight away and he check the website URL,coz he’s also a programmer he’s self and he said I got scam and I’m so embarrassed to him.. my total bills should be AUS $94 so I’m pesos it’s worth 3400-3500, but they deduct my debit card $242 AUS so in pesos around 8400-8500 peso Philippine money in the Philippines its almost one month of the minimum I would like to stop this SCAMMERS please help me..

Furla Bags but RECEIVE A FAKE GUCCI SUN GLASSES ,and deduct my debit card 3x of the total costs should be.

User Recommendations:
Hiya, my general advice is “IF TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN YOU’LL got SCAM!”

•no luxuries ITEMS sold in website it’s always in the branches
•and it’s never been sold by 50-60-70-80-90% thru website
I already posting my experience via YOUTUBE and I’m not they’re only victims, so please feel free to check more details of my experience.
•this is the file name in the YOUTUBE”FUHUI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD FROM:NO 18 QUINGSHUI road changhang district FOSHAN Guangdong.

Sorry my English is not that good, ;( I’m not a native English. I came from the Philippines again. Thanks for the help then.????????????

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User Submitted Image 2:

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8 comments on “Fuhui Technology Co Ltd Based in Beijing

  1. Same happened to me. Saw an ad on Facebook selling Camper shoes and placed an order. Received an email detailing my order, then a further email giving me a tracking number. In about a month I received a cheap wallet, not what was ordered (Camper shoes). Sent them a reply email asking for a money refund. I have not received any response.

  2. Went through the same. Just yesterday i received a fake gucci female sunglasses instead of a timberland shoes.
    And that is after i waited for almost a month

  3.  Gmail-TID_526503Tracking-No.-LL482854429CN-for-your-goods.-Order-No.PS1906221447272371.pdf

    Happened to me as well… I ordered adidas sneakers from this website and got fake gucci scarf… also they billed my credit card twice the cost. this is definitely a scam!

  4. I have received a shipment after about a month but the good consegned was not that I ordered…..
    I’m very angry!!
    I have payed ( 23.50 euro+ 10.00 euro of shpment fees) for Scarpe A Buon Mercato Donna kiara shoes Zoccoli-Clogs -Zoccoli ITALIANI-K9170,1 but I have received a foulard GUCCI.
    I have written to the Customer Service for explanations but they responded me after a month stayng that the logistics company mixed up the parcel and offering me a 30% refund.
    I have asked a discount rate greater than 30% considering that I received a completely different product from the one ordered….Their replay below:
    ” Dear customer we never expect this thing happen, but now it happened, we just want to try our best to solve this problem for you instead of ignoring you.We understand you, that’s why we want to give you max refund.But we’re factory outlet, as you know the price is very low, just very little profit. We’ll try 37% refund.
    It’s the best we can do.Looking forward to your reply.
    Bestt regards”.
    In the end I have decided to accept because I realized that I was in danger of losing everything.
    Now I have awaiting fo remburment….

    It is obvious that this is an absolutely unreliable company that does this out of habit.
    Valentina Barbato

  5. I have had dealings with this company and it sounds the same as everyone else. Saw an ad on Facebook selling Skechers shoes and placed an order. Received an email detailing my order, then a further email giving me a tracking number. As stated by someone else here, all i received was a cheap ring, not what i ordered. Sent them a reply email asking where my ordered item was, amazingly they replied back. Since then i have been going back and forth with them through email. They tell me that it’s not their fault, that the “Express Company” mixed my order. If that was the case , why did i receive the ring?. They have offered me 20% then 32% refund. I have refused, telling them i want 100% refund. They are definately scamming people.

    1. we have the same situation maam/sir i purchased also a canon camera in this company but they send me a sunglasses that i did not order.. it cost around $100 for the camera because it tells that it sales.. i tried to contact them i dont know if they response for my message… i fool for the first time..

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