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Cooperate Logistics

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Cooperate Logistics Co

Buyer’s Nationality:

Cooperate Logistics Co

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
B1001, Bantian International Centre, Huanchengnan Road, Shenzhen, Longang, 518000, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
Under 1,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:

Type of Complaint(s):
Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
I ordered 8 items from Alibaba and contacted Cooperate Logistics Co., Ltd (Forwarder) to forward those items to Tbilisi (Georgia) for a new start-up. On 29th Nov 2018, Cooperate Logistics Co gave me a quotation for USD 4.47/Kg. When I accept their quotation, they asked me to communicate through emails. On emails, Cooperate Logistics (Sandy Yan) asked me to arrange shipment of those 8 parcels to the Forwarder’s address. Once Cooperate Logistics has received and held all parcels, they increased the quotation to USD 7.5/Kg and told me the total weight was 100Kg; with all fees, the costs was USD 860. Cooperate Logistics wrote me that the price increase was due to ball-pens box (one of those 8 parcels), but that it’s a lie, as I explain later. I couldn’t argue the price increase because Cooperate Logistics was holding my parcels, I could just accept that to have my parcel delivered: that is a mafia behaviour! Cooperate Logistics has re-packed those 8 parcels in 3 boxes and sent them to Tbilisi. The Forwarder cheated us in many ways: 1) The Cooperate Logistics has dragged us outside Alibaba and asked to pay with T/T to their bank account instead of using Alibaba tools; 2) the Cooperate Logistics, after they received our 8 items, they changed the forwarding cost to USD 7.5/Kg!!! They had our parcels and we could not do nothing! They are a mafia! 3) The Cooperate Logistics has cheated us charging an invoice for 100Kg and stealing 2 pcs of USB (one of those 8 parcels). 4) The Cooperate Logistics messed up the Commercial Invoice changing all item quantities and unit prices, that caused that local Georgian Custom held the boxes for several days. At the delivery, I found out the real weight of the shipment is 76.4kg (from the Courier declaration) and not 100Kg! The Cooperate Logistics admitted they cheated and they offered just a small refund ($172.50) and they wanted to send it by WesternUnion which would have very bad exchange currency; we never accepted that small amount and transfer through WesternUnion, we want full refund T/T (as we paid by T/T). The Forwarder said that the cost for Kg is higher because one of those 8 items is Ball-Pens and they needed to work more. That’s a lie. Few weeks ago, I have just submitted another a quotation using another Alibaba account for forwarding 47Kg of fliers and 30Kg of Ball-Pens (total 77Kg) to Tbilisi: Cooperate Logistics quoted me $579 (order No 12970587501024447), which corresponds more or less to the quotation received on November 2018. I want a refund by T/T of $281 ($860 – $579). I want also that somebody stops that mafia and cheating behaviour of Cooperate Logistics Co., Ltd.

User Recommendations:
Never accept to pay in a different method than the method recommended by the website where the company is listed.

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2 comments on “Cooperate Logistics Co

  1. It’s impossible to be satisfied with everything for every people .but all the feedback to the guests is actual. For each shipment, we are also very attentive in the follow-up processing. I can easily give you screenshots of the five-star evaluation of our company by many customers. The older history of the company is, there will always be some deviations, such as Amazon, a great company .some comments show as below :

  2. 1. About the cost of this shipment, it comes from 8 different suppliers. The total price is 860 US dollars, including the operation fee, cartons change fee pick up fee and so on. about the unit price from $4.47/KG to $7.5/KG , $4.47/KG is for the ordinary goods . after we got the goods from supplier , the goods has Ball-Pens inside . ball pens belongs to senstive goods so the price changed again .at the same time , air freight or express price will update every few days or evey week . In addition, this fee is pre collected, because it takes time for the bank to collect the money. we told the customer to refund more or make up for less after we get the payment .

    2. As for the volume weight from 100kg to 76.4kg, the volume weight that the customer weighs before asking the supplier to pack is actually 100kg in total. After the goods are delivered to our warehouse, in order to save the cost for the customer, we have reduced the cartons space then the volume weight from 100KG to 76.4KG, and we have returned the extra money to the customer.

    3. In terms of refund, it was the bank or PayPal that was discussed with the customer at the beginning, but the customer said it was the Western Union also ok . He gave the western union account . financial arrangement for payment. The financial side said that the payment was successful, and the Western Union side also informed that the payment was successful. Later, the customer said that they haven’t received the payment because he said he was in Tbilisi, Georgia, and not in London .after that we went to Western Union to apply for a refund and rearranged the bank transfer to the customer again .

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