Yangtza Solar Co Ltd

Yangtza Solar Co Ltd

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Yangtza Solar Co Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:

Yangtza Solar Co Ltd

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
188, Chengxi Road, Jiangyin, Jiangsu,China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Solar Panel

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
25,001 to 100,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:

Type of Complaint(s):
Contract Violations, Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
Good Day!!


your reputation is famous that help all people and back the right to correct people…

We made Order from YANGTZE SOLAR CO., LTD that was 1800PCS of solar panel like above mention and the container arrived our store on 12 AUG 2017 and we was surprised that all thing is different of Quality and Quantity ,,, and we make complaint in Yemen chamber Like attachment and inspection report from inside like attachment with all documents…..

We was to solve the friendly with YANGTZE SOLAR CO LTE and We claim only the Different Quantity and wrong Size

That was claiming only two Point to close the matter and sell the goods

1- The Quantity order is 1800PCS (248000 WATT ) and arrived 1720PCS (184000WATT) and all Small size and missed More 64000 WATT of Soler is stole from the correct QTY that must back USD16721 of different size and QTY

2- We claim the important thing the quality is bad and all 663PCS of 100w not is not real 100w the cell only of 60W that must pay usd 6729 of Size

Only claims two point of Quantity to close the matter and the YANGTZE SOLRE CO., LTD only transferred three Time USD5000 + USD10000 +USD4000= totatly USD19000 and left around USD4218 and from three months just excused by bank and by amount and some time by holiday and RMB ACCOUNT ,,,,,

We was only claimed two point to close the matter although that we are suffering and we are so victims that we found many default and many cheating in Quality

Now we claimed all the cheating

Now we not want The Left USD4218 and we want all claim of back the container and send us our money

1 we paid charge of custom in Yemen for wrong qty is usd 4000 that must paid for us usd4000

2- All Quantity of 150W and 100W the Out power is wrong that most out power is 1.20AM and our correct out power is 9.15 AM all this cheating in quality must pay USD15000 or take the QTY of 100W and 150W

3- the size of 100W and 80W and 60W and 50W all is without cable and can not sell must send us the cable or take the container or Pay USD3000 the cost of cable

Final sulotion must pay all expenses of take the left of QTY from 50W to 150W around 1200PCS still in our store

Just Why claimed us(from all supplier of Yemen)to issue the CIQ certificate for all container and goods and paid USD500 each container and more to protect the buyer …. But that is not correct the stuff of CIQ office cooperate with YANGZTE SOLARE CO., LTD to cheating the buyer and issue CIQ that all QY and quality is correct but not correct all wrong

The Company and CIQ officer cheated us and stole our money!!!

Now the CIQ no need for any container or goods because the Officer and stuff of CIQ office is cheater like company and help and sign the certificate to cheating us and stole our money

(Notes: we ship around 50 Container from china monthly with CERTIFICATE OF INSPECTION QUA and pay USD500 per BL and more and monthly we paid USD15000 for CIQ ))) but after CIQ officer and inspector cheated us with company never make the CIQ Certificate

Because China Government make the CIQ Officer to Protect the Buyer and Seller but that is wrong and only collect allot of money from cheater company to cheat the buyer !!!!!

We now that CIQ office not help us and only help the company and inspector and we want from CCIPT to Solve my matter

JUST we want ask the inspector (how much you get when issue the CIQ and sign it and write the Quality PASSED and QUANTITY PASSED) How check the QTY and QUALITY and HOW YOU PUT THE SERIAL KEY OF INSECTION OFFICE )) How much get to cheat us )

WHY CHINA MAKE THE CIQ OFFICE IN ALL CHINA to Cheat the buyer ((Just this quotation from our suffering ))we are so sorry because we are so suppressing that pay cost of CIQ for cheating our quality and QTY

How will pay our money and Expenses and why the inspector made us the victims of cheating


The CIQ OFFICE MADE FOR PROTECT THE BUYER OF TO LET US VICTOM of CHEATING company and why let us to pay the cost if want help the Company cheating
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Best regards


HP: 00967-717234025

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4 comments on “Yangtza Solar Co Ltd

  1. This company name is quite similar like my business partner : Yangtze Solar Power Co.,Ltd .

    I do believe the “YANGTZA SOLAR CO., LTD” is a fake company , it used similar company name to mislead people .

    I have cooperated with Yangtze Solar Power Co.,Ltd more than 5 years and purchased more than 9 million US dollars’ products . They are our strong business partner and always provide great service and high quality product .

    Please do not be misled by this article

  2. I have purchased solar panels and system accessories from “Yangtze Solar Power Co.,Ltd”. But my experience is good. Their designers are patient and professional. The goods received were also well packaged, nothing happened as you said. So I think you guys are being deceived? Because I saw that the landlord mentioned that the companies he purchased were “YANGTZA SOLAR CO., LTD” and “YANGTZE SOLAR CO., LTD”, this scam company I also met them a long time ago, they made me mistake Thinking that “YANGTZA SOLAR CO., LTD” is “YANGTZE SOLAR POWER CO., LTD” should be their competitors impersonating and infringing “Yangtze solar power co ltd “.
    So be careful when buying, buy genuine, be sure to look for “Yangtze solar power co ltd”.

  3. Our experience was also not good. The freight was not properly secured. That’s why 60 of the 225 panels are damaged. The finish of the panels was also not good and very cheap aluminium. The specs was different of the panels I ordered. However, they took no responsibility so my advice do not buy panels of them

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