Forestal Furundarena SL

Forestal Furundarena SL

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Forestal Furundarena SL

Buyer’s Nationality:

Forestal Furundarena SL

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
Herriko Plaza, 4, Llodio, Álava, 01400, Spain

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Pellets, Briketts, Holz

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
1,001 to 3,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Western Europe

Type of Complaint(s):
Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:

User Experience:
I applied for looking for a supplier of pellets.
A couple of days later I received a message on Whatsapp where it was that they read my request on and sent the offer to my email with this email:
I quote …

“[07:54, 7.2.2019] Raul Romero. Pellets Briketts. Spanien: Good morning Mr. Alexander Kladt
[07:54, 7.2.2019] Raul Romero. Pellets Briketts. Spanien: This is Raul Romero from Spain
[07:55, 7.2.2019] Raul Romero. Pellets Briketts. Spanien: We got your alibaba message about your interest in buying 80 to 160 tons per month of our certified wood pellets.
[08:01, 7.2.2019] Raul Romero. Pellets Briketts. Spanien: We are a wood pellet company here in Spain and we sell at very affordable price and we can transport the pellets without any problem to your delivery address in überm dorte 35A, 34477 Twistetal-Berndorf, Germany
[08:02, 7.2.2019] Raul Romero. Pellets Briketts. Spanien: The delivery time will be 3 to 4 days maximum once the truck departs from here.
[08:02, 7.2.2019] Raul Romero. Pellets Briketts. Spanien: We will send our offer later this morning to your email address :”

The content of the letter …

“Hello Alexander Kladt,

Good afternoon and nice chatting with you on whatsapp this morning.
Thank you for your alibaba message about your interest in buying 80 to
160 tons of our 6mm ENplus A1 certified wood pellets to be delivered at
your address in Uberm Dorte 35A, 34477 Twistetal-Berndorf, Germany. We
sell our wood pellets in 15kg bags placed ontop pallet and also in
1000kg Big Bags.

We have attached a copy of our ENplus A1 certificate and also the
technical analysis certificate of our pellets. We have also attached
some pictures of our pellet bags for you to see.

We understand that the market for these wood pellets is very competitive
nowadays especially with suppliers from Eastern europe. We have done our
best to best all these other rival suppliers by offering to you an
attractive price.

For our 6mm wood pellets well in 15kg bags and also in Big Bags of
1000kg each. There are 67 bags of 15 kg each ontop each pallets. This
means that each pallets weighs 1,005 kg. Since you want to buy up to 80
to 160 tons every month, we will sell each pallet to you at 90 € with
transportation cost to your delivery address in Uberm Dorte 35A, 34477
Twistetal-Berndorf, Germany, inclusive. A full truck can carry a maximum
of 26 Pallets. This is will therefore cost you as follows : 90 € /
Pallet X 26 Pallets = 2,340 €

For our Big Bags, we will sell each Big Bag to you at 75 € with
transportation cost to your delivery address in Uberm Dorte 35A, 34477
Twistetal-Berndorf, Germany, inclusive. A full truck can carry a maximum
of 26 Bag Bags. This is will therefore cost you as follows : 75 € /
Pallet X 26 Pallets = 1,950 €.

The delivery will be done by road through a truck and the delivery time
to your address in Uberm Dorte 35A, 34477 Twistetal-Berndorf, Germany,,
will be 3 to 4 days maximum once the truck departs from here.

Concerning payment we accept an upfront payment of 50% payable by bank
transfer into our company bank account upon the provision of a proforma
invoice, meanwhile the remaining 50% is expected to be paid after the
goods have been delivered at your address there in 34477
Twistetal-Berndorf, Germany.

I am sorry to inform you that for first time transactions with new
buyers we do not accept payment after delivery or payment before
unloading at destination. This is our company policy and it obliges us
to take upfront payment from all new customers or first time buyers.
However, as from the second transaction, we can accept payment after
delivery of goods. Sometimes, we can give you even up to a maximum of 2
weeks to pay us the money after delivery. However this is only possible
after we have gotten some level of business transactions between us.

If accepted we will prepare a purchase contract for this first deal
between us. We will send a copy of the purchase contract to this your
email address for you to read and if everything is well written you will
sign on it and then send back a copy to us. This contract will serve as
the legal binding document for this first transaction between us thereby
protecting both the buyer and the seller.

We look forward to your reply.

Best Regards,
Raul Romero
01400 Laudio-Llodio, Spanien
Company VAT Number : ES-B01268051
Website :
Email :”

and to this was attached 2 certificates of quality for pellets and photograph of pellets in the package and in the Big-Bag sag.

After that we started talking …
Invited to visit their factory, was ready to meet at the airport. I wanted to go, the problem was that I did not speak Spanish and did not know English. I had to take everything word for word. Yes, and it looked all true … After I said that I could not speak English, I immediately began receiving all messages in German.
Some doubts flashed through my mind that this was all a divorce, but after I looked at the fact that the tax number of the company exists and that doubts are valid, then the doubts disappeared.
And I decided to make a trial order. Here I was immediately billed, where I had to pay 50% and the rest I had to pay after unloading (I will attach the bill to this description).
When I showed that I had made the payment, Raul Romero began to answer questions less frequently.
Later, he said that he received the money and will report when he talks with the transport company.
The next day, Raul Romero wrote that the transport company no longer travels to Germany and that he found another transport company only there he had to pay 750 euros through Western Union and that after unloading the transport company would return the money.
He began to strongly insist that I pay and not worry for the money. Then I realized that I was bred after the next amount of money.
When I wrote to Raul Romro that it looked like everything to deceive, he wrote that it’s not so that I don’t even think so and send a copy of my passport (I will also attach it here … only I don’t know if it is Raul Romero or not ). I asked him to make the delivery of the goods as everything was negotiated and paid for, that I would not pay anything more. Or I said if you can’t do what you promised then give me back my money. He wrote that I would tell my secretary that she would make a refund. After that, Raul Romero does not make contact anymore … now I have no pellet money …
I see that he is reading my messages, but he does not answer a word. My customers who are waiting for the product on trial and want to order more can not understand why everything lasts so long. I lose confidence …
Now I have to advertise this company everywhere on all sites. What would other people who honestly run their business do not fall for such tricks scam.

User Recommendations:
1). Always do an vendor audit.
2). Make payment only through a letter of credit or via PayPal where you can declare that the goods have not been received and then receive the money back.

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