Bestar Beer Bike

Bestar Beer Bike

Looking for information on Bestar Beer Bike who is based in China that sells Electric Barcycle. If you’re looking for information on this company, then read the below experience of one buyer who ended up having problems with this company so you make sure you avoid having the same problems also.

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Bestar Beer Bike

Buyer’s Nationality:

Bestar Beer Bike | Xiaoxian Bestar E-Business Co Ltd

Seller Website:| spm=a2700.icbuShop.0.0.539474b3OROlBz

Seller Address:
Ruihao Garden, West Section of Huaihai Road, Longcheng Town, Xiaoxian, Suzhou, Anhui, 235200, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
12 Person Electric Barcycle

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
12,001 to 25,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:

Type of Complaint(s):
Contract Violations

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
We would like to report a fraud supplier
Xiaoxian Bestar E-business Co., Ltd

We have contacted the company but now they refuse to communicate with us and honour the supplied 2 year warranty.

Here are the issues we had to deal with…

– Claimed to have built bike the bike in Bali Indonesia, a lie
– Initially claimed the vehicle had lithium ion batteries until further enquiries were made then they retracted and admitted the batteries were the cheaper Led acid
– Vehicle arrived damaged, inferior quality battery leads broken, screws missing, minor dints with mismatched paint to conceal
– Vehicle was missing many of the options described in their catalogue. inc sub woofer
– Vehicle welds/construction failed on first drive… making the vehicle unsafe.
– Vehicle design is poor and uses poor materials, seat post welds cracked and failed on first drive.
– Main drive chain slips and there is no way to adjust tension
– Customer bike chains slip off, and there is no mechanism to adjust tension
– Hybrid pedal/motor mode broke on second outing
– lighting system failed
– Seats very poor quality and falling apart after first use
– upon close inspection poor quality workmanship and engineering across whole bike.
– Accelerator and brake pedals reversed???
– Voltage meter leds do not display voltage… leds just lights up at 100% regardless of battery usage
– no suspension
– Frame has cracked welds
– Wheel bearings wrong size
– seat belts to short to fit average westerner
– running boards are not adequately supported
– electrical cables not secured
– control box and motor exposed

*We contacted an independent engineering company who deemed the vehicle unsafe to use. Construction is poor with only 2 mm steel used in critical support areas. Design puts too much stress on components resulting in catastrophic failure

** Bestar company has refused to honour the 2 year warranty provided or pay for any repairs

*** We can provide photos upon request

User Recommendations:
You cannot trust Chinese manufacturing, quality and they will not honour agreements

User Submitted Image 1:

User Submitted Image 2:

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1 comment on “Bestar Beer Bike

  1. Our company is a 5-year gold supplier of Alibaba in China. We checked the link content of serious defamation of our company .

    Would you please check the attachment’s : Blackmail chat history with our customers and we have been cheated for $500 to prove that this user is a liar and are using this website to scam our suppliers.

    We believe that this user has a description that is not related to the facts, with hatred, threats, and malicious fraudulent compensation to suppliers, there is information that violates the law.
    I honestly tell you that the real situation of the customer is: the damage to the seat tube caused by the customer on the way back to his address after receiving the goods and unloading the goods by the customer himself.
    When the customer told us, we also sent the new seat tube to the customer free of charge in the first place. Give customers the fastest after-sales service.
    But, the seats and seat tubes need to be airlifted for 3-5 days, which may delay the opening of customers. The customer made an unreasonable claim for compensation, asking us to compensate for the profit loss caused by its opening.

    However, what I want to explain is that our transaction method is CIF, which means: from the port of departure to the destination port, we instruct to bear the transportation risks during this period. However, after the buyer’s goods are safely transported and safely arrived at the port, the container unpacking goods are in good condition: the damage caused by the customer during unloading or returning to his address, our company will not compensate, which is not within the scope of quality assurance. However, in order to support our new customers, we immediately send new seats to customers free of charge. However, terrible things still happened. The customer proposed other unreasonable compensation for profit losses caused by additional opening delays, which is not covered by warranty and warranty, nor is it a rule stipulated by international trade laws. We can’t satisfy our customers, but we will always do our best after-sales service. However, customers use our website supplierblacklist to threaten and slander our products to blackmail money.

    As you can see, the buyer only sent seat photos and did not send other so-called damaged photos on the website supplierblacklist.

    We already compensated our customers for their money and are still being affected by supplierblacklist, which has caused serious economic losses.

    We have no way. Compensation sent to buyers: $500. However, from then on, he began to use it continuously.Supplierblacklist website threatened us to claim and offer more compensation.

    We currently consider this Registered user a professional liar. Use supplierblacklist to defraud suppliers. Please delete their infringing links and close their accounts as soon as possible so as not to cause more good suppliers to be cheated.
    Therefore, we implore SiteGround managers to delete this false and defamatory fraudulent link as soon as possible: The corresponding defamation content will restore our reputation in time.

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