MLC Europe GmbH

MLC Europe GmbH in Rheinland

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MLC Europe GmbH

Buyer’s Nationality:

MLC Europe GmbH

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 30. 55118 Mainz, 55118, Germany

Initial contact with the supplier:
Search Engine

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Converter DC |DC TPS82084SIL#

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
3,001 to 6,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
South East Asia

Type of Complaint(s):
Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Order #2

User Experience:
We released an initial purchase order to ML Components in April-2018. Prepayment was arranged and no delivery issue encountered.

Hence, we proceed with subsequent order and released another 30% prepayment.

After the prepayment went through within a week the pro-forma invoice given to us, ML Components gave all sorts of reasons like: Part Failed Testing, Stock Lost and Stock Quantity Shortage.

We waited for almost 2 months (From June-2018 to August-2018) still the part not deliver to us. Hence, we wrote to ML Components customer service and seek for remittance refund.

Initially they ignored all our email. Until in Nov-2018 then their customer service wake up and response to us. They asked for our bank account and promised the remittance refund will arrange on March-2019.

After this commitment, they are back to their hide-and-seek game again. The most appalling part was they changed their company name, website, address and contact number totally.

The current name they are using is MLC Europe GmbH. Both ML Components and MLC Europe GmbH are affiliated. Totally unprofessional and unethical for a German Registered Company.

User Recommendations:
Always check for company financial status before release any prepayment.

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13 comments on “MLC Europe GmbH


    I am Chee Wee from the company of this post which unable to claim back refund previously.
    Recently finally ML component has finally approach us and transferred refund back to us.
    pls advise how to remove this post since its settled now.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you very much for your feedback.
    We are very sorry to know that you had a bad experience with our company. To solve the issue, please reach out to the following details to get further assistance from our employees.

    Name: Fletcher Poole
    Phone: +44 7479218820

  3. Thomas,
    Thank you for your feedback. We are reaching out to the original author for clarification. While we aim to resolve the issue, you mentioned you were considering legal action. The following information may be of interest to you:

    If a conflict cannot be resolved or if you believe information posted by the buyer is not accurate, feel free to post your side of the story in the comments section of the listing. Provide as much information as possible and stick to the facts. Remember that authors of content are legally responsible for what they write in this forum and if their posted content is not accurate, lawsuits can be filed by the offended party against them for defamation/libel/slander. encourages all users (buyers, sellers and related parties) to post accurate, fact-based content.

    If necessary, take legal action against the author and/or obtain injunction to force the author to retract their statements. You can have it removed from the search engines (like Google) with the following method:
    If information posted on a website is defamatory, but the author is unwilling to retract their statements and/or the website is unable to remove the information, please contact the search engines directly to remove specific website URLs from search engines results. Most likely you will need to obtain a court order to remove specific website URLs from search engines results. First sue the author of the information and obtain a court order declaring the content on the website defamatory and/or illegal. The court order can then be presented to a search engine, like Google, which voluntarily removes websites containing defamatory content from its search results upon being presented with a valid court order.

    Although the content remains on where it was originally posted, once it is removed from search engine results it is essentially gone for most practical purposes. The original listing will not be viewed unless someone goes to the original listing or happens to search where the content is hosted.

    While the Forum Rules above were created to ensure accurate information is posted to, occasionally, suppliers who have been blacklisted consider taking legal action against as the host of the forum. Here is some information if you are considering this option:

    A website, or Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot be sued for defamation related to a third-party comment or post.

    Why? Because back in 1996, the Federal Government passed Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which provides a safe harbor from defamation liability, over user comments, to ISPs, hosting companies and website operators.

    For example, Facebook is not held responsible for defamatory comments posted by any and all users. The user may be held responsible, but not the website.

    1. Dear Supplier Black List ,

      It is not correct you would continue to publish FAKE content.
      MLC Europe asks Supplier Black List to suspend the FAKE content as it is clearly FAKE.

      MLC Europe has offered to supply you all it’s company incorporation documents to prove it is impossible MLC Europe has done anything wrong. MLC Europe has given an official German Company website proving it’s innocent.

      MLC Europe will email our company incorporation documents with dates and proofs.

      MLC Europe has never received an order from this Singapore buyer..

      MLC Europe has already given Supplier Black List proof… Supplier Black List your website is knowingly damaging MLC Europe reputation… STOP THIS AND REMOVE FAKE COMMENTS.. You have been supplied PROOF. Legally this information makes Supplier BlackList Liable.

      Does Supplier Black List support FAKE COMMENTS when there is legal Proof the comments are FAKE??

      Your helpful volunteer does not deserve to be associated with this.

      1. Thanks for your comments. We have alerted the original author of the listing to verify the accuracy and address your claim. If there is no response from that person in the following week, your request will be reviewed by a more senior member of the team and adjusted as they see fit.

        If the original author refutes your claim, then it may be helpful to see the supporting materials you mention above. But i am afraid we don’t accept them via email from you or 3rd parties, for security reasons, so you would need to attach them to the comments section of this listing. In an earlier comment you mentioned that you don’t want to submit information in the comments section due to sensitive nature. Please note that if you state “not to be published, for internal reference” on the submission, we will respect those wishes. However, as the next step is to wait for feedback from the original author, you do not need to send us anything at this time. I will make special effort to put any feedback from the original author as soon as it arrives. Also, you have a legal right to make a claim against the original author if the information they posted is not accurate. Thanks for your updates.

    2. Hi SBL / Thomas,

      I am the author for this article.
      The reason why this article was written because we have tried all our means to expedite refund from ML Components and someone from MLC Europe replied to our email regarding the refund.
      Thomas, should there be no one from MLC Europe contacted us, we will not be able to know about MLC Europe. Hence, please advise. Thanks.

      1. Dear Ying Ying,

        You have left FAKE COMMENTS online about a company you never worked with.

        Your FAKE Comments have been removed from Google.
        We have never worked with your company.

        I’m sad you support leaving FAKE and damaging comments online. Is this your company policy?

        Remove your FAKE Comment, what you write is disgusting.

        Supplier BalckList you must remove FAKE comments when you are given proof

        1. Hi Thomas,
          I have left my previous company and whatever I stated did not represent them.
          Please do not implicate anyone.

          Hi SBL Team,
          Please remove this article post. Thanks.

    3. Dear Supplier Black List,

      You have been informed about This FAKE comment.

      You are aware the comment is FAKE and you have legal documents proving this.

      You are now informed, aware and have no doubts their is a valid complaint.
      This is the situation where FaceBook like you is liable and must remove the fake comments.

      This link is removed from Google but is on other search engines like BING.

      Again I ask you to remove this. Our Customers are still seeing this FAKE comment.

  4. Message to the Singapore buyer:

    Please check the comments section in the listing you created as there is feedback from Thomas Schmidt and MLC claiming that your listing is not true. If their comments are accurate, or if there was a mistake, please adjust or retract your listing. If your original listing was accurate, we hope you may offer a rebuttal to their recent comments.


      You have a responsibility to REMOVE THE FAKE COMMENT. You have been provided many proof by email
      Google have removed this page from their serach engine.

      Other search engines like Bing have not yet.

      SupplierBlacklist remove this FAKE comment completely. from your website.

      Google have deranked your FAKE website for supporting FAKE comments.. please check

  5. Dear SupplierBlackList, and everyone else fooled by the ABOVE FAKE REVIEW stating ML Components and MLC Europe are the same company.

    I have contacted and Luther McManus told me the only way supplierblacklist will remove the FAKE review is to leave a comment here. He has so far refused to give me an email to contact anyone to remove the above FAKE comment.

    I have given reasons below why the review is FAKE.
    I am happy to provide proof in the form of legal documents.

    I have contacted Google about this Fake review. MLC Europe has been advised to get a court order to remove the comment unless SupplierBlackList removes this FAKE REVIEW.

    MLC Europe is considering legal action against Supplierblacklist as our customers believe this FAKE REVIEW.

    In the FAKE REVIEW above the complaint is dated in JUNE 2018, MLC Europe GmbH did not exist at this time. MLC Europe was created in October 2018. This company is a 100% different company to ML Components GmbH.

    1. This URL states the companies are the same. = False. I can provide
    company incorporating documents to prove this.
    2, It states the are the same brand/company = False
    3, it states the MLC Europe took a payment in August 2018 = impossible MLC
    Europe did not exist at this time.
    4. The FAKE REVIEW above has MLC Europe name with mlcomponents website = misleading – check the website.
    5. This company is a 100% separate legal entity to ML Components GmbH.
    6. Ask the person who left the FAKE review for the order they sent.. IF they sent an order.. it is IMPOSSIBLE this can be sent to MLC Europe.
    7. MLC Europe is 100% that the individual who posted the FAKE review does not have proof to support the FAKE comments.
    8. The address given is the MLC Europe address, the website given is ML Components.. this is nonsensical.

    The comments are slander and having a big financial impact as new customers
    now do not want to send MLC Europe orders and are siting this FAKE REVIEW AND SupplierBlackList website.

    I can provide a list of emails with customers where they specifically mention
    this URL. Google advised us to firstly contact and contact them to have the FAKE comment removed.

    SupplierBlackList we want this false content removed. It Discredits your website and damages MLC Europe for no reason.

    SupplierBlackList we will provide any company incorporation documents with dates and and emails to prove this. This is sensitive information so we can email to Luther McManus
    at ?? Let me know who to email as I will not give our customers private details on this website.

    Our customer are complaining to MLC Europe about the SupplierBlaskList website and telling us this is why they won’t work with MLC Europe.

    See this independent link proving MLC Europe is not ML Components.

    Kindly remove the Fake Review above.

    Best regards,
    Thomas Schmidt
    MLC Europe

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