Kuang Textile

Kuang Textile

Have you been doing research on Kuang Textile located in Hangzhou China sells Weighted Blanket? If so, read on below to read one buyers experience when trying to buy Weighted Blanket.

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Kuang Textile

Buyer’s Nationality:
United States

Kuang Textile

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
Hangzhou Kuangs Textile Co, Yipeng Street, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Weighted Blanket

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
25,001 to 100,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
US or Canada

Type of Complaint(s):
Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Order #3-5

User Experience:
The supplier was very unresponsive and they kept failing their QC inspections. A second QC inspection would result in even poorer results.

The market crashed and we were no longer interested in buying weighted blankets from them. So for our last PO of over $30,000 in inventory they did a trick where they started sending an email from a similar email but even though the person was actually responding to the same email thread and obviously had previous knowledge of our conversation. Then they said that their bank account was being audited so to send the money to a new account. All of this seems obviously a red flag in retrospect, but we had done over 4 separate purchase orders successfully. They just ripped us off on the last PO, she is now saying that her account was hacked and to not send money to another account.

User Recommendations:
Never change bank accounts when using the same supplier.
Always use Alibaba for new POs to include the PO number in the transfer
If there are red flags in the beginning stay away and end relationship ASAP
Never respond to a address

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