Xian Lyphar Biotech Co Ltd

Xian Lyphar Biotech Co Ltd

Are you looking for information on the company Xian Lyphar Biotech Co Ltd located in Shanxi China who sells Health Products? If so, read below to read one buyer’s experience with this company.

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Xian Lyphar Biotech Co Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:

Xian Lyphar Biotech Co Ltd

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
No. 11, The South of Tangyan Road, Shanxi, Xian, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Search Engine

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Health Products

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
1,001 to 3,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
US or Canada

Type of Complaint(s):
Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
I purchased a large order from this company. I paid about $1,500 up front via Western Union. They sent me an empty FedEx box. I contacted them about it. But they said that the product was inside the FedEx box. They showed no concern whatsoever. They were relaxed and jovial about what they did to me. It was soon clear to me, I was SCAMMED.
They took my cash and made fun of me, by sending me an empty box.
They are career criminals, the one I talked to Cathy Ju, is the worst.

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5 comments on “Xian Lyphar Biotech Co Ltd

  1. I would be skeptical about this report if I didn’t fall victim to a similar scam orchestrated by Lyphar representative (she’s calling herself Mrs. Lynn Tian). Following this, I found multiple other very similar cases of packages sent to buyers without any product, or “accidentally” shipped to wrong address, or lost in transit, etc.

    If it was just one case, it might have been just an unlucky coincidence. But it seems that either the company itself or its representatives are running a deliberate scam.

    Here’s a scam in a gist:
    – You make an order from Lyphar.
    – Most of the buyers know that FedEx or other courier services have constant problems with custom clearance, so most buyers prefer the goods to be sent by EMS.
    – Your product will be “sent”, either in one or, if you buy large quantity, divided into separate shipments.
    – Accidentally, either all or some of the packages will take longer than deliver. After >1 months waiting, they will ask you to wait little bit longer. While you waiting, they will offer you a “great deal” – they will send additional quantity of your product at a “good discount”.
    – After you agree, you will buy this additional quantity from them, hoping the “goods in transit” will be found, only to find out later that these goods were either never sent or sent deliberately to wrong non-existent address or sent an empty package.
    – If your order was protected by Alibaba Trade Assurance, they will claim that they already sent you an additional order at a very good discount and you agreed that this was in compensation for any items that were lost in transit.
    – Finish.

    I advise anyone under no circumstances not to trust Lyphar’s ratings on Alibaba, as most of the ratings are done on the delivered orders or prior to uncovering the scam and you cannot change the ratings later.

    They’re running a deliberate scam and know how to bypass Alibaba trust system. You will lose both your money and your product. Beware of scam.

  2. The following comments from user “mike goins”

    I had a positive experience with Xian Lyphar. I have made four purchases over two years, total 3000 USD with absolutely no problems. I’m sorry to hear that other people may have had problems. I buy supplements for myself not for commercial ventures. Joanna Du is the sales person I correspond with. She helped me through the initial purchase of 800USD of Noopept, Anaracitame, Alpha GPC, and Systemic Enzymes. I’m sorry, but they’ve been real good to me. I always received my orders on time or earlier than expected. All my orders have come with testing certifications.

    User Recommendations:
    I will buy from them again, and they know that, too. I’ve saved a bunch of money buying from them and their products have worked. I am 61 years old and work in the hot humid 40 degree C air of an engine room on a ship in the ocean at least six months a year. Twenty three and me says I am an “elite athlete”, as far as my spit is concerned. Xian Lyphar is knowledgeable and fair. And I have never had a bad experience with them. Best Regards, Mike Goins

    1. Thank you for your trust and support for such a long time,Mike,we really appreciate that you can speak straightforwardly for justice.
      Jonnan says you may visit China in future,welcome to China and look forward to seeing you,
      our city is a city with as many monuments and as much beauty,we’re willing to be your tour guide 🙂

  3. My name is Susan,the manager from Xi’an Lyphar Biotech Co.,LTD,we never received a complaint as you said,I’m not sure you’re cheated by someone who pretend to our company or you’re just slander us for your private reasons.
    Regarding your complaint we have questions wanna confirm with you,I think it’s easy to prove who is the liar.
    1.As you said you’re from Canada and paid more then 1500USD by western union to buy sth then we sent you by Fedex,I think it’s a very clear order so we checked all the orders since July,2018,because you post this message in 21th Aug,2018,but we find no order conform to the characteristic you listed.
    2.It just shows you’re come from Canada,so may I have your name and email add or some other information?All of our info are posted in the web but no info from your side,we just wanna find out if you are a real customer or not.
    3.If we sent you by Fedex and it’s empty box pls show us the tracking number,we can contact Fedex to confirm the weight,also pls show us the way bill so the sender’s and receiver’s info will show on the waybill,if you have no waybill just give us the tracking number we also can check all the info via FedEx.
    4.If you really ordered from us you must have communication record,like email,trade manager or sth,pls show us the chat record with email ID or other ID can show the record was happened in you and us,pls show in video you know pic is not reliabled.
    5.You said you paid 1500USD pls also give us the bank receipt to show you really paid for us so we can confirm with Western Union.
    6.Cathy Ju is really our colleague but she don’t have no customers complaint her recently,I hope it’s just an misunderstanding but not someone wanna slander us.
    7.We have very good reputation in our field,we’re the authenticated supplier in Alibaba for 7 years you can check the comments form other buyers.
    8.Regarding this website I feel confused it have declaration as : the info in this web can upload by everyone but our web have no responsibility to verify it,if someone suffered slander you can prosecute the’s incredible rules,the cost for slander is toooooooo low,we established our reputation with effort more the 7 years but just destroyed by your slander,you backbites others for just 5 minutes but we need spend so much time to clarification,however,we must do it because we can’t tolerate such dirty trick and cherish the trust form every customers who support us very much.
    Pls provide the evidence to everything you said or you’re a liar.

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