JinJiang Jiaxing Group Co Limited in China

JinJiang Jiaxing Group Co Limited in China

Are you looking for information on the company JinJiang Jiaxing Group Co Limited in China located in Fujian who sells Metal Pens? If so, read below to read one buyer’s experience with this company.

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JinJiang Jiaxing Group Co Limited in China

Buyer’s Nationality:

JinJiang Jiaxing Group Co Limited in China

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
20 Nishizaka Area Xing Tian Community Xintang St, Jijjiang Quanzhou, Quanzhou, Fujian, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Search Engine

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Metal Pens

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
Under 1,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:

Type of Complaint(s):
Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
I purchased metal pens from this customer as per the images he sent we agreed on price after 3 months nothing had arrived then he tells me that he had made a mistake and the pen I wanted and the quantity had increased by $0.70 per pen increasing it to $2.00 + and the quantity had increased from 500 to 5000 when I asked for my money back he claimed that they had purchased material to manufacture the pens and if they are issuing a refund it would be less than 50% after wards I discovered several places whereas other customers have been swindled by this person ‘Peter’ I eventually told him that if he didn’t refund my money I would place the matter into the hands of a lawyer to pursue I then sent an email to disputes @madeinchina .com, that is where he has his virtual shop three days later he is sending me an email asking how the matter can be resolved after all no one wants to be associated with a scammer I have since registered this person his address and website details onto eberyp[lace I can find.

User Recommendations:
We operate on a global level, no one tolerates cyber theft

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35 comments on “JinJiang Jiaxing Group Co Limited in China

  1. I was fortunate enough to meet peter at the Canton Fair. Peter also took me to visit his company and tasted Chinese food. thank you very much. I think peter’s company is very energetic. This is a very promising company.

  2. My name is skfu. I am from Ireland. I accidentally saw JIAXING on the blacklist last year. Out of curiosity, I asked for a sample. The result disappointed me. It is not the same as the description of the blacklist. The sample quality is ok.

  3. My name is ahmed and I am from Brazil. I ordered 1000 adjustable baseball caps for jiaxing, which is the maximum size of 58, but can be adjusted to a larger range. Good workmanship, the curvature of the brim is very textured. I hope to sell it.

  4. I have seen their boss peter at the Canton Fair. I think peter is a very professional and responsible boss. A company with such a boss must not be bad.

  5. I have ordered PVC keychains from this company. The keychain is their existing product. But I want to change the color of the keychain and add a label with my own logo. We have agreed to a price of $0.50 each, including labels. After receiving the P/P sample, I decided to change the background color and font color of the label. But Lily wants me to pay the copy fee. The price of $0.5 includes the label, and I don’t understand why I have to pay. Later I communicated with Lily’s supervisor and she explained the reason to me. Finally, I increased the number from 800pcs to 1000pcs. Although there were some problems between us, we finally reached an agreement. The PVC keychain is lovely and great quality.

  6. I have ordered 100 silk quilts from this company. I want a sample to check the quality. The sample quality is good, but there is no label. China needs the label of imported goods to indicate the product. I asked them to add a label, but they said that my number is too small and I need to increase the price or quantity of the label. I also need a shipping fee. I don’t have enoug?h budget to increase the quantity or price. I told them about my situation and tried to add a free tag. But they seem to have given me the lowest price. Finally, we regret that there is no agreement on the price. They have agreed to give me a refund. If I have enough budget next time, we will cooperate again.

  7. I have received a sample from Lily. The sample quality is good, but the size is not what I want. Lily told me that my previous size was different from the size I requested now, and I need to add some more money. I am a little angry. She will send the resample to me today. But Lily hasn’t given me the courier number.

  8. My previous supplier offer was low, but the quality was as low as his offer. I have changed JIAXING now, although the price is higher than my previous supplier, but I am very satisfied with the quality.

  9. This year I have the opportunity to cooperate with the Jiaxing Group. I ordered a 50,000 pcs non-woven bag. I am very satisfied with this order. Because I want a non-woven bag, but I wrote a woven bag on the purchase order. After the sample was created, Peter sent me the photo to confirm.
    I found the material to be wrong. I immediately called Peter. After Peter and I confirmed all the details again, he gave me a sample for free. I like to work with Peter.

  10. I ordered 2000 watches in JIAXING. After receiving the goods, the watch looks good, the strap will not peel off at once, but the battery is not very durable, and there is no electricity for half a year.

  11. I am from Indonesia. My name is Joye. Last year, I placed an order for JIAXING. I received an office chair from them. The quality is not bad. I guess I will find them in June.

  12. I went to China on a business trip. By the way, I visited JIAXING. Their boss, Peter, warmly received me. Their office is very large and the staff is very professional. I am going to try to place an order first.

  13. Tony has provided their clients in the United States. I also contacted his client Michael. The feedback was better. I hope everything will go well. I have already paid the proofing fee of USD200 to Tony today.

  14. I contacted Tony of jiaxing today. I asked for a sample test quality, but he asked me to pay the sample fee, but he said that the sample fee can be refunded when the order is over, and should be paid to him.

  15. I am working with jiaxing, I have been very good so far, and I have received pictures of mass production. Everything looks good. I hope the order can always be so smooth.

  16. I have also seen a situation similar to the above. Jiaxing put the number of big goods for me short, the number is 25, they proposed to refund the order after the order to us and the second single double number, and finally we got a free 50 in the second order A complement product. very good.

  17. I ordered 50,000pcs bathing ducks from JIAXING in October.. I received the shipment last week, After inspection, I found that the quality was still good. I’ll ask them to repeat the order when this batch is sold out.In short, they are very professional.

  18. I also ordered metal pens from this company. But I’m a little luckier than you. I haven’t had anything like this. They offered me a competitive price and did not raise the price later. I have finished my order. This ( is the clerk who receives my work. I think you can try to contact her.She is a very professional person.

  19. I’m Tinneloughs. I have an opportunity to cooperate with Jiaxing group this year.I ordered 50000pcs non-woven bags. I’m satisfied with this order. Because I need non-woven bags, but I wrote woven bags on the purchase order.When the sample was finished, Peter sent me the photo for confirmation, and I found that the material was wrong. I immediately called Peter to inform him. After Peter confirmed all the details with me again, he made me a sample free of charge. I enjoy working with Peter. Attached the picture of the sample. The quality is very good.

  20. my name is Rosaleen. I placed an order for 500pcs towels—100 greens, 200 blues, 200 purples.But when I received the order, I was angry.Because they sent the wrong goods.They gave me 50pcs green ones , 250pcs blue ones, and 200pcs purple ones. That was my original request. But then I changed.I need 100pcs, 200pcs and 200pcs. I sent an email to change to them. I complained to their service manager and asked them to reissue me 50pcs green ones. In subsequent conversations, I found that they had not received my email, which was in my draft box. This experience tells me to be serious next time. During the entire process, Robby called me several times to communicate the matter. Lily communicated with me through email for a long time. Although I was a little angry, they were always very patient with the problem.

  21. Tony said their company was on the blacklist and hoped I could share my order experience.I placed an order for a dog bed with Tony’s company.I want a 36*8 inch dog bed.The quantity of my trial order will not be large. The size of the sample is a little large, so I did not ask Tony to send me the sample. I just need the photos and video to confirmation.Tony always handles all the details quickly, and I’m pleased with the process.Now my order is on the way.For next order, Tony gave me a sample for 25*7 inch. He is so kind.

  22. I want to buy some socks.This company promised me a refund if I was not satisfied with the sample. So I placed a sample order with this company and paid USD50. Now I am waiting for the sample.

  23. I haven’t placed an order with this company because I’m not ready to do it. But I visited jiaxing group before the Canton fair. And they gave me a warm reception. I visited their sample room with many styles and good quality. I see it on the Google Blacklist, but i’ll still put it on my list. I feel this company is very formal.

  24. I have received the sample by Lily. The sample quality is good, but the style is not what I want. Lily told me that she would send me the sample again today. But Lily hasn’t sent me the tracking number.

  25. The price quoted by my previous supplier are very low, but the quality is poor.So I changed the supplier. Now the offer from Jiaxing group is a little higher than the price I got before, but the quality is good.

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