El Milano Extensions

El Milano Extensions

Looking for information on El Milano Extensions who is based in Tashkent Uzbekistan that sells Hair Extensions. If you’re looking for information on this company, then read the below experience of one buyer who ended up having problems with this company so you make sure you avoid having the same problems also.

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El Milano Extensions

Buyer’s Nationality:
Czech Republic

El Milano Extensions

Seller Website:

Front page

Seller Address:
223 Bannokatiy Street, Tashkent City, Uzbekistan, 100019, Uzbekistan

Initial contact with the supplier:
Trade Show

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Hair Extensions

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
3,001 to 6,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Western Europe

Type of Complaint(s):
Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Order #3-5

User Experience:
They have GMAIL in their company, without two steps verifications, without any safety solutions. They let hackers to compromise their emails. When they sent payment instructions (conversations of 30 emails), someone hack their computers and add different bank accounts in one of those emails – as they told us. So we lost more then 5000USD. After that very rude behavior from owner – a young small , that its our fault, and thats its not too much money etc. So big warning. Also hair are always mixture of lower quality chinese hair, offen with nits inside etc. Scammers for sure!

User Recommendations:
Never ever do business with unprofessionals – coowner is spoilt young mama´s boy, and when they have problem, its easy for them to throw their fault back to customer. There are much better suppliers and you can also get better quality products for better price – uzbekistan hair is more expensive chinese hair, if you want quality – search Russia or Ukrain.

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2 comments on “El Milano Extensions

  1. Hello, please delete this post about El Milano company, everything was solved to the satisfaction of us and there is no need to be El-Milano Extensions any further here in list. They do everything need to be done to solve the problem and El Milano is trusted company for any others buyers. I cant contact admins directly on this page, so please delete this post. Thanks, Ondrej

  2. Dear Veronika,

    Firstly, we regret about the situation that happened between us. Even though we were trying to find a mutually beneficial solution (which you never accepted), you decided to make this post. So let us respond to each and every point:

    1) It’s true that we have GMAIL in our company, but you are wrong that we don’t have two step verification. We actually do have it and we always had it! This was always a highest priority for us and our employees. Not only that, all our computers constantly undergo different tests for identifying malwares or any type of viruses via McAfee Antivirus Software which also includes Spyware and Malware detection.

    2) We agree that there was some intervention in our email conversation. We sent you an invoice with the exact bank details where the payment has to be done. This invoice was sent from an offical El-Milano email (
    That invoice and those bank details were the oficial invoice from El-Milano with the items you ordered. You confirmed the receipt of that email. However, you disappeared for an uncertain time period. After couple of weeks, you returned back to us with an intention to pay and we sent you another email with an attached file (PDF) of the changed bank details. We again never heard back from you.
    You then claimed that you received another email, but it had no relationship to us meaning that none of us ever sent that email. Moreover, based on your screenshots, that email wasn’t an official email from our company email address and it wasn’t any trustable document or file.
    To summarize this point, we always send our invoices with the exact bank details from our company email address and the PDF file document is considered to be a document for the payment to rely on (not a written unverified email). This document contains all necessary information and is binding us and you.

    3) Hackers attacks have become more common these days all over the world and it affected our friendly and business relationships with you too in this case. However, at first we thought it was a problem at our side, but you then admitted in one of our conversations that you had this problem not only with us, but also with your other partner. And we came to the conclusion at that point that it was your email (not ours) that was under hackers attack. And you had this issue before this specific case with us.
    Nevertheless, you neglected that fact and you neglected to get in touch with us over the phone or WhatsApp to confirm all details prior to making a payment (since you got several bank details). This is the point that we always strongly/highly urge all our customers to do. This is a common practice with banks and in any activity involving financial transactions these days. As a result, having received several bank details (and the last one wasn’t either an official document or sent from our company email address), it was your responsibility to double confirm with us the credibility of those details.

    4) As for our hair quality – the fact that you lost $5,000 in this deal (not by your fault and not by our fault too) does not allow you to name our genuine Uzbek hair as “chinese hair”. We know each other almost for more than 10 years, you bought a lot of hair from us and you were happy with the quality. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be ordering again! Moreover, we met with you In Prague, had a beautiful time having lunches with your husband and etc.
    And now abusing us and naming our hair as low quality “Chinese hair” is simply illegitimate. You are welcome to visit all our collection units all over the country (Uzbekistan) to see how the collection process goes on. By behaving like this, you are trying to ruin our 16 years reputation which has been built by my family. As from us, we could have disclosed the fact that you have been constantly selling our Uzbek hair as “European Hair” or “Russian Hair” or whatever you call them. But we never did that and we never disclosed your source of hair to other Czech Republic customers (even though we had a lot of requests like that). This has always stayed confidential with El-Milano because we always value our friendship and try to keep you loyal to our brand and to our products.

    5) The wording you are using (e.g. a young small or spoilt young mama’s boy) is completely unprofessional and irrrelevant.
    Yes, it’s our family business and Yes I am proud to support my mom & dad with this business which has grown up from 1 employee in the basement of our house to 80 employees at a 4-storey building. And this is something that came to us with a lot of hard working and a lot of sleepless nights. And I am also very thankful to all our customers and specifically you too for being loyal to us and supporting us.
    At times when everything was fine and when I was providing you the most wholesale beatable prices available on the market, you never complained.
    But now having faced this issue which I repeat is not our fault, you start blaming us and calling me with such ugly words. Sorry, but it’s unprofessional!

    To conclude, if you wish to continue to blame us and post inauthentic reports about our company, we wish you good luck with that!
    At El-Milano, we are 100% sure about our quality and our service and we constantly move forward to improve it and provide an enjoyable purchase experience to each of our customer.
    However, if you are willing to have a calm-down conversation to find a resolution to this case, we are always open! We are ready to try to find a solution to leave both sides happy.

    Kind regards,
    Michael Kalendarev
    CEO, El-Milano Extensions

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