Jinjiang Jiaxing Group Co Ltd

Jinjiang Jiaxing Group Co Ltd

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Jinjiang Jiaxing Group Co Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:
United States

Jinjiang Jiaxing Group Co Ltd

Seller Website:                                          

Seller Address:
Xingban Industrial Area, Xintang Town, Jinjiang, Fujian, 362200, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Search Engine

Type of product(s) being purchased:

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
12,001 to 25,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
US or Canada

Type of Complaint(s):
Missed Lead Times, Contract Violations, Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
We placed order on or around 12/18/2017 and deposit was paid 12/21. We we promised product would ship prior to Chinese New Year. That did not happen. I was told my order was pushed aside so they could fulfill the requirements for a larger order. I was continually told product was being produced. Late April 2018 product still hasn’t shipped and now I was told price was being increased 50% more than original. Not only that, production was 30 – 45 days our. The only choice I was given to take a refund. Not trusting this company any more, I opted for the refund. My deposit was approximately $6100 USD. I was told that I’d get back $1600. The only cost that figured into the deductions which we agreed to and was on the estimate and PI was $600 of tooling. They did not want to hear anything from me so it was basically 1600 or nothing, so I chose the 1600. I’ve been promised that would come. I don’t believe it.

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  1. Medical gloves,
    A 20-foot-long cabinet is 28 cubic meters, A box is 0.49 * 0.34 * 0.405cm, the volume is 0.068 square meters,
    and a box is 3000 pieces.
    I ordered 2 feet cabinet, the price is satisfactory to me, the quality is very good

  2. I started by trying to contact Lily and consulting the products I am interested in. I asked a lot of products. Lily answered me very patiently, I am very happy. I observed it for 2 months and tried to order 200 pet automatic feeders.

  3. I am a joy from the United Arab Emirates. I ordered 3,000 folding bags in Jiaxing and asked for color printing. David of Jiaxing enthusiastically responded to my requests and questions. I am very satisfied with this order. look forward for next deal.

  4. I am going to Shenzhen next week, I want to meet Lily,
    Quality is my minimum strategic requirement. I am not an ordinary Indian, as long as we have a little room, we don’t have to bother to negotiate. I will do business with Jiaxing, not based on your products, but on Lily.

  5. Hi,
    I am interested in Jiaxing’s 2017 new design OEM food storage tin box, I would like to know more information.
    1, square food tin box about. 87 x 87 x 31 mm
    A rectangular food box of approximately 142 x 101 x 31 mm

    1) The best price for the design of 500 pieces and 1000 pieces (see picture 3D): 2 options (printed bottom and unprinted bottom)
    2) 1200 pieces of besh price 4 designs similar to the drawing (so 300 pieces per piece): 2 options (printed bottom and unprinted bottom)
    Send me various product samples and real samples according to my design.
    Price FOB please.
    If possible, pl. Also give DDP prices.

  6. I sold a baby cot in Peru. I asked Jiaxing for a mobile colgastes model of a crib to give a child and a girl a wish as a pir. I am very happy that Jiaxing replied to me and sent me a sample of the model.

  7. Dear
    We are basically a logistics company in Pakistan, it is a 12-year-old company. Now we have plans to import any daily household demand products and solar products, and we are also looking for dealers. So we found Jiaxing. I am very happy that they responded to me quickly.

  8. Good morning. I am from Kunda, South Africa, looking for an affordable supplier to seal and wig work in Zambia and southern Africa. I consulted the price and shipping cost of Jiaxing wig.

  9. I ordered two types of sports bottles from Jiaxing, the first model is 600 ml.
    The second x 750 ml is 30 ounces.
    I sent the models and features I wanted. In addition, I asked for the first image of 3000 units for each model in Tritan material, and the second one is polypropylene. Because they are very resistant to falling and heat. I want the same model as in the picture, but no logo. This is my first time ordering products from China.

  10. I ordered 200 helmets from jiaxing. I just started to send a message to Lily. No one answered me. Lily only responded to me one day later. Later Lily and I explained that they are now on the weekend. Ok, although the response is slower, Lily’s attitude is very good.

  11. I have compared several suppliers before. In comparison, JIAXING is the most satisfying, the price is right, and the quality is good. In contrast to these suppliers, I finally picked JIAXING, which is my first order at JIAxing.

  12. The first cooperation with the company was in November last year. One of their previous customers booked a laptop bag, but was eventually abandoned. Then I got the order at a relatively low price. This computer bag is of good quality. Although I only need a small amount in the future, I will not get this product at such a good price. But I look forward to working with your company again.

  13. Jiaxing always considers more questions for customers. My name is eady and I am from Indonesia. I want to order 300 dolls for the children of the school. I have inquired from several Chinese factories. But I found that the price of customization is very high. This is beyond my budget. I told Jiaxing my troubles. They suggested that I buy the existing style and print my logo. They recommended similar dolls to me. The total cost is 20% lower than the custom doll, so I accepted their advice and placed an order with their company. I am very happy that a company can think about it from my perspective.

  14. I like it. The sample that lily sent me was not what I wanted. This process was a waste of time. But Lily actively followed up and sent the sample back to me again. She assured me to work with the company. I am going to order the next big order.

  15. I received a new sample today. I like it. The sample that lily sent me was not what I wanted. This process was a waste of time. But Lily actively followed up and sent the sample back to me again. She assured me to work with the company. I am going to order the next big order.

  16. I have booked 3,000 cups to JIAXING. I am not very satisfied with the samples. The result of our consultation is not very good. The mold opening does not satisfy me. But they still adjusted me several times. Although I did not fully meet my requirements in the end. But their service attitude is still very good.

  17. Do they have a sales name called jody? I bought some samples last month, now my customer confirms the quality, we want to buy some more, but Jody didn’t reply to me, did she resign?

  18. I complained to Tony that he often missed my call. After I contacted their boss. Tracy is tracking my project. He is very responsible. We always confirm the details and handle everything quickly.

  19. I also paid for the goods and gave me some compensation. I think it is not unreasonable to claim compensation. But they refused me. They are only willing to compensate me for 12 toys
    on the next order. Finally, we took a step back and they promised me to compensate me for 12 toys and gave me some discounts.

  20. I want to buy some beach pants. The company promised me that I would be refunded if I was not satisfied, so I placed a sample order like this company and paid $30

  21. At the beginning I asked them to send me a sample, but they let me bear the freight. The explanation they gave me was that they could be returned after the order was over. I took the test and put it down. Sample quality is still possible.

  22. I received samples from them last week. Except for one color error, the others were all played according to our design. Tony promised to provide the correct sample before I could produce it.

  23. Tony has provided their clients in the United States. I also contacted his client Michael. The feedback was better. I hope everything will go well. I have already paid the proofing fee of USD200 to Tony today.

  24. I worked with jiaxing on an order, the product was very good, but when the package arrived at us some broken, they paid me 300 dollars, and in my second order gave me the price cheaper than the first one order, I am very Satisfied with such a treatment

  25. I complained to Lucas that she often do not answer my calls. After I contacted their boss., Tony follows up on my project. He is very responsible.We are always quick to confirm the details and deal with everything.

  26. I bought a batch of snow balls.But when I received the goods, I found that the snow ball was a bit defective.There are 13 trademarks of snow ball printed unclear.I asked the company to refund me the money for these faulty products and gave me some compensation, but the company rejected me. I don’t think it unreasonable for me to ask for compensation. The company is only willing to reissue 13 snowballs for next order. Fortunately, in the end we agreed.For next order, I will receive 13 snow balls and get some discounts.

  27. Jiaxing always considers more questions for its clients. My name is Evevi from Ireland. I wanted to order 200 customized dolls for school children. I send inquiries to several Chinese factories. But I found the price of customization to be high. That’s over my budget. I told Jiaxing my trouble. And they advised me to buy existing style and print my logos. They recommended the similar doll to me. The total cost is 20% less than customized dolls. So I took their advice and placed an order with their company. It makes me happy to have a company that thinks from my perspective.

  28. The first partnership with the company was in April. One of their previous customers placed an order for Camping bag, but it was abandoned finally. Then I got the order at a relatively low price.The camping bag is of good quality. Although I only need a small quantity in the future, and I will not get this product at such a good price. But I’m looking forward to coorperating with this company again.

  29. Tracy always answers my messages in time.I called Tracy, who has a good voice and are much professional.I’m ready to place an order.But I’ve seen some bad reviews about this company.I am going to Hong Kong global resources exhibition this month, I think I will visit this company.

  30. I am Rachelle from Salt Lake City. I went to attend the Canton fair in 2015 and also stopped by to visit PETER and LILY. Their company is large and more than 200 employees. I really appreciate Peter and Lily’s warm reception last time. Chinese FOOD is also very good. We have been cooperating with JIAIXING for more than 3 years. Looking forward to next meeting.

  31. The products produced by Jinjiang Jiaxing Groups. are of good quality. Althought their price has a little high, it is acceptable.So far, the products are selling well.

  32. The service attitude of jiaxing is very good. They think some problems that I did not consider, and the price is lower than the previous factory. After i place  the order, I always receive the progress information from them timely.

  33. I place my orders with Jinjiang jiaxing Grou Co., Limited every Summer. Their attitude are very good. A prompt confirmation of my orders. The whole process went smoothly. I think this is an acceptable company.

  34. I was cheated by a Chinese company before. That causes I lose some money. I am cautiously work with Chinese factory again. So I visited this company this year. Jinjiang Jiaxing is great with many clerks. I think this company is trustworthy.

  35. Do they have a sales name Joyce? I bought some sample last month, now my customer confirm quality, we want to buy more, but Joyce didn’t answer me, does she resign?

  36. What happened next? Did you solve your problem? I just placed sample order to them last week, we are plan to surrender bulk order to them this week, can you tell you more about them?

  37. I also had this experience with other suppliers.The only way to keep the production time is you put the promised date on your invoice and keep contact with production process..

  38. I met with Peter in Media Tech Expo,we make deep investigation for Jinjiang Jiaxing,they are Gold supplier which is promoted primarily by global sourse,they are big company and has many clerks, most of them are professional, but some of them may young, i think the best way is you find the sales company number and contact with their boss.

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