Global Economy Trade Limited China

Global Economy Trade Limited China

Are you performing due diligence on Global Economy Trade Limited China from Longhu China who sells Respirators Mask? If so, read on below to read one buyers experience when trying to buy Respirators Mask.

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Global Economy Trade Limited China

Buyer’s Nationality:

Global Economy Trade Limited China

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
NO.138-140 Xingyang Road, Yangmiao, Jiashan, Zhejiang, NO. 29 Jindong Indusrial Park, Chencuohe, Longhu District, 515041, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Introduced by a 3rd party

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Respirators Mask

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
6,001 to 12,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:

Type of Complaint(s):
Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Order #2

User Experience:
so 2 problems:
-The dispatcher sent not that, without boxes and not liquid. (the description below)
-we sent an advance payment for a new order 22,225 yuan.
And the vendor was lost not responding to the mail.

We paid the order (invoice) ET170912E DATE: Sep. 12th, 2017 for the amount of 9806 $

Gruz byl otgruzhen dvumya partiyami: 13 mest i 2 mesta.
Chto vkhodilo v 13 mest: v kazhdoy korobke 1000sht model’ 8122. Itogo: 26000sht.
Chto vkhodilo v 2 mesta: v odnoy korobke 7502- 300sht i 6200- 300sht.

Itogo prishlo tovara na summu 8600$
1.Ne dogruzili staryy dolg 6sht maski 6800 ( v invoyse propisano) Remarks.
2.Tovar prishel ne po invoysu. Dolzhno bylo pridti 8122 vsego 10000sht. (netu boleye dorogoy pozitsii 9332 i t.d)
3.Tovar 8122 prishel s istekayushchim srokom godnosti do 10.2018goda!!!! Eto nelikvid
4. Tovar prishel bez korobok. My zakazyvali bol’shiye i individual’nyye korobki. Ikh tak zhe ne bylo v postavke.
Khotya postavshchik foto prisylal i korobok i tovara 6800 i 8122 s normal’nym srokom godnosti.

The cargo was shipped in two batches: 13 seats and 2 seats.
What was included in 13 places: in each box is 1000pcs model 8122. Total: 26000pcs.
What was included in 2 places: in one box 7502- 300pcs and 6200-300pcs.
Total goods arrived at the amount of 8600 $
1.Don’t load up the old debt 6pcs mask 6800 (in the invoice is registered) Remarks.
2. The goods did not come by the invoice. Should have come 8122 only 10,000pcs. (there is no more expensive position 9332, etc.)
3. The goods 8122 came with expiring shelf life up to 10.2018goda !!!! This is illiquid
4. The product came without boxes. We ordered large and individual boxes. They were also not in supply.
Although the supplier of photos sent both boxes and goods 6800 and 8122 with a normal shelf life.
Contact supplier Feng Shao phone 158 5736 3929, the work phone is listed in the invoice.

Their location is: Add: NO. 29 Jindong Indusrial Park, Chencuohe, Longhu District, ST, GD, China Post code: 515041

The details of the card where we transferred another 22,225 yuan, under new order ET180127E Jan. 27th, 2018
RMB Bank
BANK:中国工商银行 浙江省 嘉兴市 嘉善县支行

ACCOUNT NO. 账户:622202 1204 0095 64524 ACCOUNT NAME 户名:林达阳

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