Fuxin Guiyang Trading Co Ltd

Fuxin Guiyang Trading Co Ltd

Are you looking for information on the company Fuxin Guiyang Trading Co Ltd located in Liaoning China who sells Uniforms? If so, read below to read one buyer’s experience with this company. Also you will find related search links to explore more about Fuxin Guiyang Trading Co Ltd on Supplier Blacklist and across the web.

Fuxin Guiyang Trading Co Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:
United States

Fuxin Guiyang Trading Co Ltd

Seller Address:
17-4-132 Changqing Street Xihe District, Fuxin, Liaoning, 17-4-132, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Trade Show

Type of product(s) being purchased:

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
25,001 to 100,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
US or Canada

Type of Complaint(s):
Missed Lead Times

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
We came into an agreement upon the company’s visit to our office and finalized an order as we had met previously at a trade show . An order was given to them and a 30% deposit was paid . We were never granted Inspection at the factory of the goods during production and were told the delivery was going to be a month late , but this excuse was told to us for 6 months and the delivery date was supposed to be 60 days after deposit. But the order was over 8 months late and only partially completed and delivered to their neutral warehouse in Los Angeles and demanded us to pay the entire balance before they delivered the goods to our warehouse and would not let us inspect the goods or send us any production pieces or accomodate a visit to where the goods were being kept. Now they are keeping our deposit and have said we broke the agreement and are going to sell the goods elsewhere .

User Recommendations:
Act cautiously if your supplier has not fulfilled their delivery and use a mutual bank to do an L/C or mediate the payment so there isn’t a big deposit or money’s lost and the bank can protect your risk . Don’t ever make a deposit over 10 percent. any deposit should be enough to show goodwill and get the order started .

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9 comments on “Fuxin Guiyang Trading Co Ltd

  1. The accuse from Buyer is not true and very one-side.
    The contract we agree is 60 days delivery after receive deposit, during this 60days our Country has G20 Summit meeting and government environment inspection, our factory has to close for some days, this is force majeure, we also explained this with Buyer and they agreed with our new delivery time by email.
    The contract says,” Before ship out the goods, buyer should inspect the goods by itself or third-part institute,” this buyer has confirmed our shipping sample quality, that means he has approved the goods quality by itself. We have the approved email and message from this Buyer.
    The contact says,”balance show be paid against BL”, but when we show the BL to this buyer, they delayed 3 times of the balance payment, even after we clear the customs, which should be paid before goods arrive at the port. After that this Buyer just want us deliver the goods first and then pay the balance. Under this circumstances, we are hardly to believe this buyer would pay the balance to us, so we refuse his request.
    We have paid a big amount on the storage, and suffering a big lost due to this buyer’s dishonest. If they want the goods now, they have to first pay us the loss which is five over ten thousand of contract value each day and the warehouse storage cost.
    We here request you “supplier blacklist” remove this untrue report in 3 days, We reserve the right to pursue legal liability. If supplier blacklist keep insulting our honorary, a lawyer letter will be sent and a case will be submitted to the court.

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