Dios Enterprises

Dios Enterprises

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Dios Enterprises

Buyer’s Nationality:
United States

Dios Enterprises

Seller Website:


Seller Address:
WZ 452c 3rd Floor Basai Dara, New Delhi, Delhi, 110015, India

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Copper Mugs

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
6,001 to 12,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
US or Canada

Type of Complaint(s):
Missed Lead Times, Lack of Labor, Contract Violations, Scams & Other Unethical Activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
Hi, Unfortunately, we have been victims of a scam from an Indian 2 years Gold Supplier that was contacted throughout The product quality received has compromised and jeopardized our brand, which also has resulted subsequently in negative financial consequences. Please find bellow the reasons that explain why we consider being cheated from the supplier that manufactured our merchandise and decided to move on to open a dispute:

1. Production Lead time breach took more than two weeks to be ready, but wasn’t specified on the contract.

2. Shipment delay breach took 12 extra days to be shipped after final payment on October 31st, 2017. The shipment time was not included on the contract, but the merchandise wasn’t released for shipment after the final payment made on October 19th, 2017.

3. Photographer images were never delivered as it was part of the contract.

4. After checked 50% of the merchandise that was sent by this supplier,

we found:

– Product material was not produced using the agreed components: 100% Pure Cooper.

– A Silver inner lining was found on the product that presents an unknown material cover which looks damaged, rusty, tarnished, dented and with many surface defects,

– A mix up of product items was found with unknown products,

– All products were not identified by our company logo as indicated in the contract,

– We found several products identified (engraved) with the logo of other unknown company. The ones that were identified with our company logo are damaged and with a green color cover,

– Items of the set were found missed in many of the product sets (Recipe book – Thank you card). The supplier did not accept us to pay using T/T and Paypal services alleging country regulations. We sent two bank wire transfers for 30% and 70% of the total amount. A Tax Invoice Lot was issued for our purchase which supposed to provide an international guarantee. The supplier was contacted several times by email on November 14th, 2017 claiming a fully refund of our total payment including shipment costs for the defective merchandise received. He is alleging that they are not their products after talked to the people involved in my project (who I didn’t even know), and showing no evidence of any reports or photos. He is now offering a reimbursement of 10% of the total payment, which is certainly no accepted for our side. We are already losing a lot of extra money that is related with the merchandise removal from Amazon warehouses, inspections and storage. We have evidences of all the damage products and customers complains. We will agree to return the merchandise as long as the supplier covers shipment expenses. I look forward to hearing from the supplier and the dispute team so we can hopefully agree with a quick resolution.

Sincerely, Jamie Briceno

User Recommendations:
you cannot trust on samples
you must use a payment method that secure your investment
you must avoid wire transfers directly to a new supplier
you must hire an inspection company
you must have a very detailed contract showing product features, times, investment, etc… as much as you can
you should ask for references from the supplier’s clients

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1 comment on “Dios Enterprises

  1. Here as a representation we want to highlight that we as a reputed organisation never cheated and done wrong thing to anyone in our history of business till date. This is something which is not in our DNA. We been into global business for almost a decade now and been the honorable members of many reputed Exports Organisation knows and respect the trust which a client placed in cross border transaction while sitting miles away from supplier. Here we hold our head proudly in claiming that we basis on these wonderful values have hundreds of clients which are associated with us for long now by placing repeated orders one after the another. Had we not respected or understood the business ethics we never come that far in growing business and more than that growing relationship with our clients.

    Here at the outset we must want to quote that we felt hurt with the action you took in your bank to hold our money by claiming the transaction been fraudulent in nature and you did not authorized the transaction from your end, despite of this fact that we were in continues communication with you in sorting out this matter. Had it been we would be ignoring your concern/not replying to you, your action could have been validated. But in the absence of such situation it shows that in one hand you are raising this issue to us and on the other hand putting a pressure on us to agree to your claim. But since it was never a fraudulent transaction as once we furnished all the requisite documents your action was not tenable. This is not a rationale business practice in India as well in USA and to any forum.

    Here we would like to apprise in connection to our response of your mail:

    1. For inbounding the merchandise you have given us a written instruction that to sent the goods directly to Amazon warehouse and for removing the goods from a third party warehouse, law of business says that we being one of the party in the transaction, you must have informed us at first instance when you decided to remove the goods citing the issue with quality in the merchandise rather than getting the whole lot removed at your place without informed us. Had we been informed earlier from your side we must have asked you to get these goods removed in our place and in front of our team/third party inspector we get the goods inspected to verify your claim regarding the quality. But here these scenario suspects of afterthought. Due to this we are not sure of the situation exactly as claimed by you. We as a Export unit for last several years has followed all the requisite checks in assuring the top quality of our products in this project and even informed and shared the images with the you over the watsup before dispatching the Goods from our side.

    2. We have checked your listing on (ASIN B075TK6GMC) and till date this particular ASIN has received one 5 Star rating on 21 November 2017 (Buyer praised for the quality of Mugs, Packaging and also shown interest to reorder these) and a Negative Feedback (which is more because of transit dent on Mugs and oxidization which is a sign of 100% pure copper) on 17 November 2017 who posted the product photo’s also. Our contention is that both the feedback is nowhere close to your claim of (Goods mixed with unknown products, logo not engraved, product indentified with unknown Company Logo etc.,) any wrong doing on our part.Even our counterparts has also bought goods from your ASIN from and found the goods in perfect condition.

    3. Further as per your instruction we have delivered the Goods to Amazon warehouse. Here we highlight that Amazon check the condition and random check the quality of the products before inbounded any shipment in there warehouse. And copper being a hazardous product it comes under special observation. If in case they found the quality and condition of the goods is not appropriate as per the standard they do not allowed such goods to enter in there warehouse for sale. Here you yourself informed us on watsup on 17 Nov 2017 that Amazon has inbounded and accepted 488 sets instead of 500.The sets which was been rejected must be because the condition and quality of those balance sets was not found appropriate by Amazon. If only few sets was found damaged or not as per the mark then now how come suddenly all the 500 sets become useless from your point of view.

    4. In terms of your claim for goods not been pure copper, here we want to apprise that we buy certified pure copper as a raw material. This fact is itself apparent in the picture which is shared by you and also by the buyer who bought your goods from your ASIN from and claimed that mugs was oxidized, this clearly shows that the goods we sent are 100% pure copper, as pure copper has a tendency to oxidize when comes in interaction with air and water. Further as a transit dents we as a seller do not take onus, as more than 20 days been passed from the time we handed over the goods to Amazon warehouse and from the day you raised the issue with us. Copper mugs been a delicate product tends to get dent if not taken care properly. We from our past experience in export to other parties expect 3% – 4% transit damage if rough handling is been done by the carrier. As mentioned above Amazon itself check the condition and random check the quality of the products before inbounded any shipment in there warehouse, and in your case Amazon cleared 97.6% goods in there warehouse which again substantiate our claim that goods been sent in good condition.

    All which is happen is bad but still we wish all the best to you.

    Manjeet Kumar Hingorani

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