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Need more information on Suyo Air Conditioning Co Ltd located in Guangdong China? If you’re looking to buy air conditioners be aware of fraud and trust not easily even if you have a long business relationship with the Chinese company. Read on below to witness one buyer’s experience when buying air conditioners with this company in Guangdong China.

Suyo Air Conditioning Co Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:
Sri Lanka

Suyo Air Conditioning Co Ltd

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
Tianxin Industrial Park, No.31, Yintian Road, Rongui Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong, P.C 528303, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
air conditioners

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
25,001 to 100,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
South East Asia

Type of Complaint(s):
missed lead times, contract violations, scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:

We write here with to bring your kind notice that the following company has done a cheating for the funds we have send by TT in three times for import of air conditioners through Our Bank to Their Bank HSBC, Corporate Office HongKong from the below details company.

Mr. Wayne Xie, Marketing Director, Overseas Marketing Division, Suyo Air Conditioning Co. Limited addressed in Tianxin Industrial Park, No 31, Yintian Road, Rogui Town, Sunde District, Foshan Guangdong, China, PC 528303,Tel: +86 757 2633 2893 Mobile:+86 13928292697, WhatsApp: +86 13928292697, Skype: wayne_suyoac, E-Mail: , Web:

We know this company from “made in China” website as a registered company to get Chinese suppliers in 2015. We communicated for a long time with the marketing director Mr. Wayne.

Most of the time communicated through skype and whatsapp.

Recently in April, he informed us he is having stock of Panasonic branded air conditioners with special stock clearance prices and can deliver immediately.As per the conditions of PI we paid an advance payment of USD 7200.00 in 18th May 2017. As per the BL copy, we paid the balance amount USD 12,115.00 and USD 7,055.00 on 19th June 2017. (Total amount we paid USD 26,370 .00 with freight cost from China to Sri Lanka Colombo port, attached payment slips for your reference). Later they send us a copy of TELEX Release BL, commercial invoice and packing list to clear the goods here.

We were informed by Freight Forwarder local agent (Ms. ADVANTIS FREIGHT (PVT) LTD, 25, Fster Lane, Colombo -10 , Tel : 0112167777) of freight forwarder they received our shipment and ask to pay and collect the documents. We paid them USD 85 and collected BL & DO (Delivery Order).

We found a different description of goods on this BL and DO. It’s mentioned Air Coolers 105Nos instead of split type air conditioners sets 105(210 cartons). Then we told local agent that we ordered air conditioners, not air coolers and double check with supplier what he issue for delivery. They confirm this is what they received from their forwarder in China.

The local agent (Ms ADVANTIS FREIGHT (PVT) LTD, 25, Fster Lane , Colombo -10 , Tel : 0112167777) given us contact details of China Forwarder as below;

Mr. Yon Cheung

Operation Department – Export

Suite 2703, 27/F, Nina Tower, 8 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T. , HK
Gen : (852) 2626 3000 Ext 824 | Fax : (852) 2626 3030
E-mail: | WEBSITE:

I communicated through Email and inform that I received two BL on the same number and one I received from the supplier is the correct goods I ordered and second BL you send us through local agent(MS Advantis Freight Pvt Ltd, Colombo 10 ) is not correct. But Mr. Yong Chenung from LUCKY FREIGHT (HK) LIMITED confirms this is the BL issued as per supplier’s (Mr Wayne Suyo Air Conditioning Company Limited) instructions.

Then I informed on 27th June 2017 to Mr Wayne that I received BL and delivery order for Air Coolers. But ordered and paid for split type air conditioners and we don’t want air coolers. Then he told it cannot be & he sends the goods as agreed on PI. Then I send him the picture of the BL through whatapp I collected from the local agent. After around two hours time he told me by mistake his workers send only the indoor units of split type air conditioners and outdoor units not send. Then I asked why you mentioned air coolers on BL as we ordered air conditioners, He told they called air cooler for an indoor unit of the air conditioner and he agreed to send the outdoor units at the end of the same week. I told him that we have to face with many problems here as per local custom clearing process we have to wait till outdoor units come here around two weeks. We have to pay demurrages for the received goods to keep in Colombo port. Within the same day, he emails us BL and Commercial invoice and packing list for air coolers to clear the goods.

After that day we didn’t have any communication with him on whatsapp or his phone. I understand I was blocked on all communications and he is not responding to my emails, SMS and any messages on whatsapp up to now.

We understand that we were cheated by the supplier for the money we paid him. They purposely planned and they send us very low quality, low-cost Air Coolers instead of split type Air Conditioners.

Please be kindly Note that the suppliers Bank is HSBC Corp Ltd, HONGKONG Main Office, Queens Rd central, Hongkong about this. Here with we return the documents issued by you for clearing of goods and We wanted to inform you that we are not proceeding to clear the wrong goods to send by suyo air conditioning co limited. It is lying at Colombo port.

We wanted to recover the money and the losses we incurred from the supplier through their nominated Bank. Hence we kindly seek your supports and advice to recover the money we paid for Suyo Air Conditioning Co Limited.It is great full and appreciates if some one lets us know what action we take to recover our paid money from this supplier.

We already inform to China embassy in Colombo, supplier Bank through Our Bank. We wanted to complain China Police as well. But we don’t have contact details of area police station of the above address.
If need we can send you related documents like TT transfer and email send by supplier to us,
Thanks & Regards
MK Weerasinghe
Managing Director
Singco Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
590/2, 10th Mile Post
Athurugiriya Rd
Sri Lanka
Tel: +94112744714

User Recommendations:
Please do a personal visit and do a thorough verification of all Chinese suppliers before order or pay money.


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