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Are you looking for more information on the company Henan Provail Chemplant Co Ltd located in Jinshui China sells Musk Ambrette Lump? If so, read thoroughly below one of the buyer’s experiences with this company who ended up having a problem when buying Musk Ambrette Lump. If you are possibly doing business with this company, consider to buyer’s reviews and comments.

Henan Provail Chemplant Co Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:

Henan Provail Chemplant Co Ltd

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
NO. 38-2, NONGYE ROAD, Zhenghou, Jinshui District, 450000, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Search Engine

Type of product(s) being purchased:

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
25,001 to 100,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:

Type of Complaint(s):
scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
Experience is very bad. We believe in the supplier and they did fraud and cheated us. Sophia clearly informed us that they have short loaded due to price.

User Recommendations:
We negotiated for Musk Ambrette with Sophia Liu of company Henan Provail Chemplant Co Ltd No. 38-2 Nongye Road, Jinshuo District, Zhengzhou, China. TELEPHONE NUMBER +8613523553406, Her manager Mr. Wang mobile +86 132 5350 1773.

We asked for the sample and they sent on our freight payment to DHL.
We negotiated the price as USD 13 /kg FOB and placed an order of 4000 kgs on the terms that we will make an advance of 40% then 40% on confirmation of our shipping agent that material has been received at port Qingdao by them and balance 20% on the photocopy of original BL.

She sent her PI No. HV170306 DATED 06.03.17 and we made an advance of 40% i.e USD 20800 on 6th March. After receiving advance she sent us an email on 14th March that Govt has stopped production for one month and they can send only after one month. Then she informed that they will produce material in the night.

On 24th March they informed that material is ready and we gave our shipping agents details and they did not agree to send through them saying they (shipping agent) have a bad reputation. On 9th April 2017, they loaded the cargo through their shipping agent King Freight International Corp after negotiating the freight and other destination charges as USD 721 and insurance as USD 60/- so total Invoice value USD 52781/-. inclusive of all charges till Patparganj ICD Delhi. We made payment of USD 29000 on 24.04.17 and balance USD 2981was paid on 15.50.17.

After receiving cargo we sold 500 kgs of Musk Ambrette to our buyers on 14.06.2017 i.e 50 drums were sent as it is, as they had come. They reported that material supplied is short by 135 kgs.

We went to the factory and randomly took 3 – 4 drums and broke the seal and did weighing for gross, net and tare weight. The result of which is as follows.

Drum 1 Drum 2 Drum 3
Net Wt: 7.250 Kgs Net Wt: 7.550 Kgs Net Wt: 7.585 kgs
Tare Wt: 3.300 kgs Tare Wt: 3.310 kgs Tare Wt: 3.305 kgs
Gross Wt: 10.550 Kgs Gross Wt: 10.865 Kgs Gross Wt: 10.890 kgs

We took the pictures even took the video and sent to her to show the short shipment in each drum is around 2.5 kgs.

We had ordered 4000 kgs of Musk Ambrette Lump and packing list also shows the same. But the gross weight in PL and BL which is 4100 kgs is not matching with the physical material received.

As per the weighing in our factory, the average tare weight (empty drum weight) is 3.300 kgs that mean the total tare weight of
400 drums should have been 1320 kgs. Hence the total gross weight should have been 4000+1320 = 5320 kgs, but the bill of lading and PL shows only 4100 kgs gross weight. It clearly shows that there is a short supply of around 1000kgs according to BL and which is coming same on random weighing in our factory.

In the base of the drum very smartly stone had been covered which we can see after breaking the base of the drum.

Now Sophia says that she left the job and we should contact Wang, but he is not answering email and not picking phone
We called the surveyor and they inspected the drum and did weighing and the result is 1006 kgs shortage out of 4000 kgs ordered.

We have written them to sort this issue but they are not replying to our emails and even not taking our calls.


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