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Are you dealing with the company TME Electronics located in Texas United States who sells graphic cards? If so, read thoroughly one of the buyer’s experiences with this company when buying graphic cards. Consider checking buyer’s reviews and comments before doing business and see the list of the names below who are point contact of this company.

TME Electronics

Buyer’s Nationality:

TME Electronics | Abdullah Mikhail and Jason Whalberg and Marcus Denton

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
1197 Hackamore Lane, Houston, Texas, 78203, USA, Houston, Texas, 77001, United States

Initial contact with the supplier:
Online Supplier Directory

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Graphic cards

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
Under 1,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
US or Canada

Type of Complaint(s):
Scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:

User Experience:
I was searching in about graphic cards. The supplier TME Electronics at contacted me and gave me his offer. We agreed to ship 7 graphic cards to me in Egypt against $750 but he refused to pay via or Paypal, and he stipulated to pay via western union.

I told him that I will reduce the amount to $300 only against 3 graphic cards to reduce the risk because there is no warranty or guarantee and he approved. After I sent him the $300 he told me that there was a mistake happened, it was the package shipped with 12 graphic cards instead of the required 3 cards and he wants additional $800 from me to clear customs fee, and without the $800 the package will never reach me and he hasn’t any chance to cancel or modify the shipping process or correct the error happened .

I asked him about the tracking number and he gave me these details:
Tracking no.: 1499341694

and finally, he disappeared.

the supplier website:
the fake shipments company: http://www.a2zfreighservices.comthe supplier skype: Weshop4you377
Names: Abdullah Mikhail and Jason Whalberg and Marcus Denton
telephone numbers : +1(267) 908-9852, and USA +18329108406 and (281) 624-2909

User Recommendations:
The lesson, don’t trust anyone, don’t buy from TME Electronics at be careful.


6 comments on “TME Electronics

  1. I own a small trading company in Russia
    I went through the website of Alibaba to a seller in the United States TME Electronics Inc, Houston, Texas.
    We signed a contract with the seller to supply video cards from the USA to Russia.
    The seller sent me an invoice and I transferred money from him through the Western union and Money Gram to Jason Whalberg and Michael Williams.
    The seller told me that he allegedly sent the goods. Gave me a link to the website of the transport company and the tracking number. 
    Shipping courier:    Tracking no. 1499480028
    The website of the transport company has information that the goods have been delivered to Russia. But he did not enter Russia.
    There are no contacts with the transport company, as if it does not exist. There is no communication with the transport company. They do not answer letters. Phone on the site is not specified.
    Seller’s name in skype: weshop4you377  
    telefon number:  +12679089852, +12816242909, +15128189239, +12819727523, +12818176764  +17607648319
    At our dialogue with the seller and in the documents the following people appeared in USA: Jason Whalberg (USA), Derrick Wright (USA), Michael Williams (USA), Abdullah Mikhail (maybe Nigeria), Andrew Mutambuze (UAE Dubai), Bashir Ahmed, Walter Mandaza (UAE Dubai),
    I transferred $ 23,000 to them. All the money received by the payment systems was received by the addressees. $6,000 got Michael Williams, $12,000 got Jason Whalberg. $5,000 Walter Mandaza (UAE Dubai).
    I wrote to the FBI, Interpol, told Maney Gram.

  2. Same thing. By Alibaba. They sent me to with two traking codes. All fake.
    Told us they sent double of products by mistake and wanted us to pay for it.
    We refused and then they asked lot of money to clear the products at custom.

    Contact was made by Alibaba. They say that maybe account was hacked.
    Provider had 4 years gold membership.

    I asked Alibaba what about him and they told me that he was ok.
    So I blame Alibaba for that.
    And me for being so naif.
    Company name

    Contact name,
    Kenny Chen
    Current phone: +447474524401

    People who received the money at USA
    s:Address: 112 Dolphin Rd ,
    City:new jersey

    Name: Randy Todd ,
    Address: 79 LONGLEAF RD TRENTON SC 29847

    Name: Oreoluwa Rebecca Idowu
    Address 2320 belair road
    Zip code:21213
    Drivers license No:MD 6910 7256 400713

  3. Happened to me the same thing. Ordered 2 graphic cards and he told me they sent 10 by mistake. i was stupid to believed them and pay the “custom” taxes he asked. The arrive of the package should be today, but they told me that the package was stolen. I have already reported to alibaba. Is there anything i can do? I lost more than 2500$

  4. We were scammed by the same people through Alibaba, they high jacked a profile and from there manage to scam us out of 2400 USD.

    We opening a case with our local police in South Africa, and will open one as well in Dubai and possible in the USA once we get further information on them.

    I would like to correspond with you and share our information on the individuals so that we can track them down and prosecute/arrest them.

    You can email me through

  5. Thanks very much to supplierblacklist,com for listing those scammers .
    i want to update you that Abdullah Mikhail is threatening me via his skype id : weshop4you377 the official skype id for the website : .

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