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If you are you dealing with the company Beta Packaging Machinery Co Ltd located in Xiamen China who sells coffee packaging machine then you may want to read this first. Read this review of one of the buyer’s experiences with this company when buying coffee packaging machine from this company in China. Consider checking buyer’s reviews and comments before doing business with this company as part of your due diligence.  

Beta Packaging Machinery Co Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:

Beta Packaging Machinery Co. Ltd (aka Better Pack), associated with Xiamen Sengong Packing Equipment Co. Ltd.

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
#228, Jimei Northern Industrial Park, Tianfeng Road, Xiamen, Fujian, Fujian, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Search Engine

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Coffee Packaging Machine

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
6,001 to 12,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
US or Canada

Type of Complaint(s):
contract violations, scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:
In March 2017, I purchased a coffee packaging machine from Beta Packaging Machinery Co. Ltd (aka Better Pack) located in Xiamen, China. My contact was the sales manager “Anio Lim”. When I finally received the machine in May, I realized that I had been scammed of my money and had wasted several months of my time. She did not ship the product that was agreed upon in the Quote and Proforma Invoice. She intentionally sold me an inferior product. And once I paid the remaining balance and the product was shipped, she stopped returning all my emails and ignored repeated phone calls and text messages.

I ordered a machine with “Ultrasonic” technology which is the most critical feature required, but was instead shipped a machine with “Heat” sealer which is inferior technology. I also did not receive two adapter parts for the machine, which I paid extra for. So now I have a machine that is useless to me, and has no technical support available.

After receiving the machine, I discovered that Beta Pack does not manufacture the machine. Instead, Anio buys directly from the actual manufacturer Xiamen Sengong Packing Equipment Co. Ltd., and then sells them herself under Beta Pack while using the same address of Xiamen Sengong. I confirmed with Xiamen Sengong that they allow her to do this. I also expressed to Xiamen Sengong that they should stop conducting business with Beta Pack.

Besides the money loss, the worst is the loss of time. I spent 2 months doing research for the desired machine, and another 2 months to order and receive the machine. The price I paid for the machine that I actually received is the approximately the market price. However, after doing research I knew that I required the better more expensive machine. I would have paid the difference for the better machine, which is the most frustrating part. Now, I have to purchase the machine I initially thought I was ordering from another manufacturer, which will take another 2-3 months to research/order/receive.

I am aware that I took on the risk to purchase without visiting the factory myself or have a third-party audit. So I take responsibility for that. However, this does lessen the degree in which Anio is dishonest unethical and fraudulent, and knowingly lied from the beginning of our order process.

The Sales Manager is Anio Lim. She is likely also the owner. She has an associate named Emma Pan.

Anio Lim
Sales Manager
24 hours hotline: 86-159-59378151
Whatsapp: 86-15959378151
Skype: yjpacker2010
Beta Packaging Machinery Co Ltd
Add: #28, Tianfeng Road, Jimei Northern Industrial Area, Xiamen, China
Company URL:

User Recommendations:
Do not purchase anything from Beta Pack (aka Better Pack). Instead, purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Use caution when considering the lowest price. The problem is these packaging machines, the price difference ranges greatly from different manufacturers throughout China.

Use Trade Assurance from Alibaba.

Obviously, visit factory if possible.


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  1. Hi, everyone! I am Julie ,the manager of the foreign trade department of Xiamen SenGong Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. I am sorry to see this article! Beta packing machine is a trading company that previously used the address of our factory for external sales and has now changed another address. Last year, that is, in September 2017, our company know that Beta packing machine had dealt with foreign countries in ways that had been deceived in many countries. Our company immediately terminated the cooperation with Beta packing machine No longer provide goods to Beta packing machine . We hope that the victim of the article will contact us and hope that the victims of the same encounter will contact us. We will provide the following packaging machine service. My e-mail address is: or my contact number: +8618859211427 I hope you can contact us! We say “I’m sorry!” to some of the victims who bought our machine.

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