Taishan Wenshin Electronics Co Ltd

Need more information on the company Taishan Wenshin Electronics Co Ltd from Guangdong China who sells thermal printer heads? If so, refer below to read one buyer’s experience with this company.

Taishan Wenshin Electronics Co Ltd

Buyer’s Nationality:
United Kingdom

Taishan Wenshin Electronics Co Ltd

Seller Website:

Seller Address:
RM 115, Block A, No.212 Nanmen Rd, Taishan, Jiangmen, Guangdong, 529200, China

Initial contact with the supplier:
Direct Buy Website

Type of product(s) being purchased:
Thermal Printer Heads

Value of the Purchase Order when the incident occurred:
12,001 to 25,000 USD

Destination market of order in question:
Western Europe

Type of Complaint(s):
missed lead times, compromised intellectual property, contract violations, scams & other unethical activities

Stage of relationship with the supplier at the time of the incident:
Initial Order

User Experience:

Not only are their products inferior. They are notorious for stealing customers & business contracts from unsuspecting buyers, and have an entire team set up in the house, as well as other paid agents by extension, who troll your company 24/7 looking for any and all ‘connections’ to your business, in order to steal your company’s business from you. (They have wide resources available to them for cyber-snooping and trolling). Anyone who contacts them by phone or especially by email, put themselves at extreme risk of having their business’s privacy being invaded & compromised. This could mean ‘Huge Losses’ in your company’s revenues, as well as important working relationships that you rely on to keep your company’s operations & sales departments running smoothly & securely. The losses in revenue we & others have suffered at the hands of this greedy, unscrupulous gang of thieves, is for us. Uncountable. To date, we estimate that it is in the 100’s of thousands. Save yourselves. DO NOT CONTACT THIS COMPANY!

User Recommendations:
In short contact with parts suppliers from China is quite risky. Do yourself a favor and buy the products you need from your own home country!


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